Help need a good but non expensive physio

dolphinlu, May 3, 9:24pm
Help. back on crutches for a stress fracture in my foot. I have to go to physio, but as it is an non accident injury it wont be cheap. Also it will have to be within hobbling distance of richmond. Any helpful suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks

firebirds, May 3, 9:46pm
ask your GP for a referral to the pain clinic at Burwood Hospital

dolphinlu, May 3, 9:57pm
Thanks firebirds for the suggestion but why the pain clinic? will they do cheap physio. I thought the pain clinic was all about learning how to manage your pain. I manage the pain quite well, thanks. I just keep going on it and it wont heal hence the physio.

coralsnake, May 4, 3:39am
A referral can take forever - IF you even qualify!
I was under the Pain Clinic several years ago for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome but left NZ again. After my return my Dr referred me back to the. I duly received a letter stating I didn't qualify for their assistance.

It took forever to get back into the Clinic.
I have had 1 appointment which was nearly a year ago and nothing since.

mcnic, May 4, 6:15am
Ummm. I'm a physio and I'm not sure what you'd be doing coming to me for a stress fracture in your foot! It needs rest. Presumably you are in a moon boot or similar. Physio would most likely (given that I'm not able to examine you) be exercises to maintain strength in the rest of you lower extremity. I would possibly acupuncture for pain relief too, and recommend you get to the pool for some exercise without loading your poor foot. The pain clinic is for chronic problems that are going to have ongoing issues. Hopefully not your case. A podiatrist could check your biomechanics and see if orthotics could help. Footprints Podiatry in Shirley has a podiatrist who specialises in this aspect of Podiatry, but he is only there half a day a week - main clinic across town.

dolphinlu, May 4, 7:39am
Thanks mcnic, I have been by two different doctors that I will need physio. No moon boot, just not weight bearing for three week. Apparently it was healing nicely til I landed with impact how the fracture is so imflammed on the lastest xray that it almost touches the next bone. What is the average cost for a non acc appt.

mcnic, May 4, 7:56am
Costs will vary around town. Not allowed to spruik so just phone around. Without seeing your xray, it sounds like you will need a lot longer in the moonboot. Most stress fractures will not show on xray; they usually require a bone scan. Sounds like you have progressed from a stress fracture to a standard fracture?

aphra1, May 4, 8:09am
I can recommend Karl Koch at Shirley St Albans Physio on Hills Road, I found him to be very good.

gutlux, May 4, 8:35am
it will take time, rest and a moon boot. I did simular as xmas time and didnt realise straight away. It took a turn for the worse and xray should what looked like a small fracture, I was then in a moonboot for about 3 weeks and used crutches. Ended up having to go back into the moon boot and only came out of it 2 weeks ago. My foot is only starting to come right now 3 months later, but still get tender. Physio only helped a lottle but foot has improved a huge amount since seeing chriopractor twice. He left the fracture part on top of foot alone but worked on the ankle and the toe area which had got compressed. I am still using the moonboot some evenings at home. physio has said while the pain is still so bad you need to be in the moonboot.

dolphinlu, May 4, 4:17pm
I havent even been given a moon boot. It is 3 months and i just make it worst. Rest is the most evilest word out. If I rested life would be hell, no food, no housework, no of anything done.

Thanks for everyone imput.

supersapper, May 4, 7:51pm
Keeping off your foot for a long period of time is frustrating for you in that nothing? gets done. But if you don't rest, your foot won't heal and so the problem goes on and on unnecessarily. No point in seeing physio, doctors etc if you aren't going to take their advice and rest it up.

lorischch, May 4, 8:14pm
Your dr can set up home help. Take the opportunity to find new hobbies that don't involve moving around - art, reading, playing a musical instrument, taking an online course or just learning new things online.
At the moment, by not allowing the foot to heal you are your own worst enemy.

dolphinlu, Dec 2, 12:57pm
Thanks onefield1 no home help not acc injury, so will have to pay for it.

Worst ememy yeah i know, but they isnt anyone to help unless you include Mr 20 who makes more work.

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