Rebuild in CBD

brightlights60, Aug 29, 6:47am
Who else is actually getting a kick out of watching all those buildings go up at once? I know, about bluddy time. My favouriet route is up Cambridge tce and all those "shaped" buildings opposite the river, the Deloitte bulding being my favourite. They all seem to "flow" along that side of the river, and reflect the water and willows in all the glass. Beautiful.

kids4ever, Aug 29, 7:23am
love going into the CBD and watching all the new buildings go up, it all takes time you know, you can't just click your fingers and all is done. But so far it looking great, we go in every week

nicsta4, Aug 29, 7:39am
Yep getting excited hear to going to be so cool in years to come nice bright colourful building's

mm12345, Aug 29, 7:52am
Yay - three positive posts in a row about the CBD rebuild. Add me - so it's four.

jonners2013, Aug 29, 9:24am
it's great, isn't it? really feeling like a positive place, which is such a nice change. it's no longer like a demolition yard and more like a construction yard. good times for chch.

william1980, Aug 29, 11:27am
It's very pleasing to see.
The more private buildings that pop up, the more obvious the holes that will be the late-blooming anchor projects will become.

retroqueen1, Aug 30, 10:57am
The rebuild is great and the Bus Interchange is so cool now it's completely opened, cannot wait until end of next year with all the new retail to go shopping in.

xmakara, Sep 4, 12:35pm
Yep! It's exciting! It's literally building site after building site after building site. Especially in the Western side of the CBD. Victoria Street looks to be nearly completely rebuilt and here is going to be a modern 6 floor apartment building getting started soon as well.

I'm loving the classy looking paths, cycle lanes and streetlights too!

brightlights60, Sep 16, 7:45am
Wow, I see "The Terraces" finally restarted again, and its going to be so cool opposite the Avon and Bridge of Rememberance, and the huge Law and Emergency Services precinct buildings going up, impressive. I guess we got so used to blank empty spaces, the sheer volume of buildng all at once is amazing.

doylie1, Sep 16, 8:36am
It is so exciting we go into the city every week just to keep up so much going on it's looking good.

craftylady1, Sep 16, 8:24pm
Drove through the other day, and we were very impressed with the rebuild. so another YAY!

opencast, Apr 28, 3:25pm
I was just telling someone overseas today that it seems like all of a sudden you can see big projects really kicking into gear. It's great. I've worked in the CBD right through the whole thing (after February it was like the world had ended - I still remember sitting across from The Strip having lunch and there was no-one around!) and I'll miss the views of the Port Hills from (seemed like everywhere!) the CBD but the springing up of new buildings left right & centre is good.

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