Any recommendations of AA driving instructor?

poorpeter, May 1, 7:58am
Our daughter is going to book some driving lessons for her restricted licence. Would anyone know a good instructor in Christchurch, please?

lesleyd3, May 1, 8:18am
Karen. Don't know her last name and she wasn't working this month at least due to surgery but our daughter had 2 lessons with her and was very happy.

ambrosia61, May 1, 9:51am
A great driving instructor is Owen Wood, Cashmere driving School. Both ours had driving
lessons with him and were very happy.

poorpeter, May 1, 6:37pm
Thank you for suggestions! But she wants to have a lesson as soon as possible and she has got a voucher for AA. Any other suggestions?

littleone., May 1, 10:59pm
I had Lloyd from AA. It was a few years ago now, so unsure if he is still there, but he was fantastic. Picked me up from school and I drove home as part of the lesson. Saved me bussing!

nickyd, May 3, 4:21am
Both my kids had Jeff Hunter from AA teach them, thought he was great!

dudekrulz, May 3, 2:10pm
It's really about one that suits your learning style as they all teach differently. I learnt off Jeff mentioned above and Karen Brill as well, and Karen's teaching style suits me more. It wasn't because Jeff was a bad teacher but more Karen's teaching style suited my learning more.

pollypoo, Dec 3, 12:19pm
Alistair at Waimak Driving School. Excellent.

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