LOST. Cyclone Quad Copter.

misty_01, Jan 1, 11:11pm
Listing #: 1005564989

gillian25, Dec 27, 9:08am
My sons Chrissy present took off from the redzone tonight. Flew over by Shirley Intermediate. Controller is beeping around the school. Can everyone keep their eyes open. Its big and has 4 propellers. Thank you

jcmp21, Dec 27, 9:36am
Send up another drone to look for it. Oh no wait, I've seen blackhawk down, it can only lead to more loss and heartache.

lindaquinn, Dec 27, 9:41am
I just saw someone on fb saying they found one

lindaquinn, Dec 27, 9:43am
gah I can't work out which buy / sell page it was. But they were looking for owner

gillian25, Dec 27, 10:12am
Thank you . Ill check them out.

gillian25, Dec 27, 9:27pm
This has been found. Thanks everyone. Yay!

victtor, Dec 28, 2:32am
Put tracker on it like we have all done

stambo, Dec 28, 3:51am
Just put your cellphone number on it, there are still plenty of honest people out there.

aj.2., Dec 28, 4:10am
Yes , as this case has shown .

gillian25, Feb 7, 1:44pm
I hate to do this but its gone again. Same area, different operator. Has phone number on it now. Please?

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