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cantabman1, Jun 8, 7:34pm
I read or heard recently, that L.A has converted to To L.E.D street lighting.
The power savings must be enormous at around 80-90%.
Why doesn't the C.C.C. do the same thing here?
It would sure give the rate payers a break on ever rising increases.

russ18, Jun 8, 7:40pm
Initial purchase price?

jamesnmatt, Jun 8, 7:41pm
They have. We got a letter about 6 weeks ago. Our neighbourhood was done just after that.

jonners2013, Jun 8, 8:16pm
i was living in Sydney when the local council did it in my neighbourhood. initial cost outlay was huge. sure, replace broken ones with new solar charging LED streetlights, but to go out and replace existing lighting is a huge expense.

pandai, Jun 9, 7:14am
Corner of Idris and Glandovey roads does - new intersection. Much brighter.

Retrofitting the rest of the city would cost a fortune though.

nz_nicola, Jun 9, 7:46am
I think they've put them outside the new, new world supermarket in Redcliffs, where they have replaced the lamp posts, flat mate was commenting on it today, he said it's a much whiter light than the others on the street,

cantabman1, Jun 9, 8:17am
From your comments so far, it appears that retro fitting when applicable is how it's going to be.Maybe by 2050 they may all be changed over.

lugee, Jun 10, 8:49am
Knights Stream Park subdivision has all LED street lights as far as I can tell from a night time walk.

stickman100, Jun 10, 9:07am
How Findlay Tce in Tawa looked before and after its conversion to LED light.

xmakara, Jun 10, 11:31am
Ilam Road has white LED's and a lot of streets in Barrington and Riccarton is also converted. I love them. Also, here is an interesting picture of Los Angeles before and after LED has been implemented.


cantabman1, Jun 10, 7:30pm
Many thanks to both Stickman and xmakara for their posts.
An even greater reason for joe household to change over to these new energy saving lamps.

tygertung, Jun 11, 5:14am
I went to LA once, it had very bad smog.

subs1, Jun 12, 8:11pm
L.E.D's or not, the council will still charge you all the same regardless of any cost savings, wake up!

marte, Jun 13, 11:11am
I looked at my rates bill.
Street lighting accounts for about $12 of it.
But the street lighting design could be improved a lot, there's soon much wrong with the current designs.

mikechch, Jun 15, 12:15pm
Ottawa has converted 700 streetlights on Carling Avenue to LED (light-emitting diode) technology, changing the look of the street at night, dimming views of the stars and perhaps even disrupting your sleep.

We spoke to Robert Dick, University of Ottawa physicist and author of the protocol that governs lighting in Canada??

cantabman1, Jun 15, 7:48pm
Seriously;people want to look at stars in a city as opposed to saving energy.I'm thinking the learned professor has got his digits too far up his rectum.

tarn146, Jun 15, 8:42pm
They have changed our street to them.

tall_order, Jun 15, 10:27pm
Light pollution is a very widely recognised issue. Maybe just not in your particular little world

pandai, Jun 15, 10:33pm
The LED lights they put on that street are also 3x brighter.

Someone that lives on that street even commented:

"I actually LIVE right along Carling where they have changed the lights and I noticed the night they first came on. They are WAY too bright, we have to close our blinds and not look out that direction. They are too stimulating right before bed. It does almost look like daylight. SO BRIGHT"

I don't want to have to buy new blinds and curtains just because of new street lights.

mikechch, Jun 16, 1:15am
I don't believe you are correct

Sodium lamps are still a far preferable source, and the "new" technology is largely being driven by those with a vested interested in the LED suppliers.

This comment originating from London is worth a read:

"The ones we have in West London are very bright indeed and are putting out a lot of blue spectrum light. The issues they've raised and the the many complaints generated by obtrusive light shining into people's bedrooms and front rooms, have already had a lot of media coverage on the BBC and our national newspapers. Even when dimmed they're still a problem as the light is so directional and the blue still scatters into the sky. The payback is unproven to say the least - it's costing millions to replace the old ones and no one it seems, did any sums on cost / energy pay back of adding wifi controllers + dimming on the old sodium lights. The industry is selling LEDs as a green solution to save energy, but we need to look a lot more closely at the claims being made here. I like the idea of energy saving human centric lighting, I'm just not sure the technology is here yet to make that truly cost-effective"

cantabman1, Jun 16, 8:26pm
With all new technology there will be teething problems.,reducing the lumens, and or better shading to avoid light pollution are minor ajustments.
Earlier comments of recently installed Ch Ch lighting doesn't mention it being a problem. It is simply a matter good maths , design, and installation.

alister1, Jun 19, 7:31am
Installed LED bulbs in my house saving about 60% in power costs brought them on Ebay best thing since sliced bread

marte, Jun 19, 7:58am
I would have thought it would be more obvious that green LED's be used than even the idea of using LED's to save power in the first place.
Green has a wider bandwidth than other colours, giving more shades of green.
(That's why old computers had green screens)
Using a narrow band with of colour uses less power.
Greens reflected by plants, so green light will not screw up plants growth.
Using only green let's your eyes make out more of the other natural light sources.
Ie, stars are white, so green will not obscure the starlight.
Add into the fact that they expect the white lights, shining directly into your eyes, making your pupils smaller and letting in even less light, to illuminate what you intend to see in the first place.
I mean, when you want to illuminate the road at night, you turn on your headlights, not your inside lights, or shine a bulb directly into your eyes.

Basically, street lighting is really badly engineered, on soo many levels.

Why do they make the light poles so long.
Its obvious that if the lights got to go 4 times the distance it should, then its going to be several times weaker in illumination.
Then, shine the sides of the light directly into your eyes, then what are you going to see now?
A f+++++++g great white light and that's it.y

travis47, Jun 19, 8:01am
Do you have a link the the ones you got? I have been looking for some for our new build but am finding it hard to find reasonably priced, decent fittings that have the proper ratings to be installed in NZ.

tillsbury, Jun 19, 7:01pm
Ummm Sodium discharge lights are nothing like domestic filament lights. They are pretty much the same efficiency as LEDs and have similar life expectancy. They are also much better for light pollution due to the very selective frequencies they emit.

The only significant reason for installing LED street lighting is to get the light white. Not at all convinced this is a good idea. I bet it's mostly about making the place look trendy.

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