EQC/EQR exposed

mm12345, Mar 2, 7:37pm

Reid Stiven grasps at a straw - stating that the 13 out of 14 shoddily repaired homes isn't a "representative sample". This is a bit rich - coming from an organisation which excluded surveying homeowners who had lodged complaints, then use data which they know is not representative to argue that they have high "customer satisfaction".
In any case, most homeowners wouldn't know if their repairs had been carried out to an acceptable standard.

summer151, Mar 2, 8:48pm
Lol love your comment bookman2

gman35, Mar 2, 9:42pm
So then a "representative sample" means by using the same percentage , there are about 60,000+ houses from the "65,000 repaired" that are also shoddy ?

mm12345, Mar 2, 9:42pm
Probably one of his houses.

david_270, Mar 3, 6:32am
The man is a criminal. They know what they have been doing. Deliberate fraud. He just pretends that its all happened at arms length so he has some measure of deniability.
He has been told about this stuff for years - his response was to disparage people as "carpers & moaners".

articferrit, Mar 3, 6:53am
or . .
those 14 were the best examples of 'their' workmanship 'they' could find.

drcjp, Jan 8, 7:11pm
Love how he says 14 is not a representative sample.

Neither are the 31,000 out of 154,000 that had complaints at the time of Stiven's dubious "86% satisfaction" survey, I would imagine.

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