What are they building at Chaneys Corner ?

doggybear, Feb 17, 1:25pm
Is it that statue "Welcome to Christchurch" ? Seems rather big. :)

craftylady1, Feb 17, 5:00pm
Wouldn't think they would put a welcome sign there. Would imagine something like that would be on the main road. But then, I know nothing

bluecat5, Feb 17, 7:08pm
The Neil Dawson sculpture "Fanfare" is being installed there.

lyndad59, Feb 17, 7:57pm
How much did " we " pay for that ?

jambee1, Feb 17, 8:14pm
I think its going to look incredible esp at night

simba79, Feb 17, 8:58pm

jane310567, Feb 18, 1:30am
I love it - need a bit of wow.

middlebank, Feb 18, 1:56am
Yep it was on tv the other night some big fancy sculpture costing lots a $$$$$$.

puddles11, Feb 18, 2:29am
*waits for it*

cabbage07, Feb 18, 2:35am
Waste of money better spent elsewhere.boy racers hang out there so more to for them to wreck.

nightsky1, Feb 18, 2:43am
At least it won't look like a big dick as in Auckland.

I do wish councils would stick to the basics and stay away from
"Art" crap

lugee, Feb 18, 4:34am
It's like 30 metres high and weighs over 20 tonnes. Pretty hard time wrecking that.

brightlights60, Feb 18, 4:37am

astrophe, Feb 18, 9:59pm
Apparently nothing.

"It was later gifted by the City of Sydney to the Christchurch City Council, . "

pettal, Feb 19, 3:16am
So it's a = hand me down , well used , second hand ball thingamejig .

-weasel-, Feb 19, 3:43am
Wow that is beautiful. Im not one for art, but I think that is gorgeous. Christchurch needs gorgeous!

nessies1, Feb 19, 4:08am
It'll be great

teddybearlover, Feb 20, 4:27am
Great idea. Put it next to the Christchurch Northern Motorway.

I can see tourists stopping on the edge of the motorway to take "photos" and trying to pull back on to the motorway.

It may have been "gifted" but who paid for it to be erected?

babylak, Jan 17, 5:54pm
Great sculpture but I think as it is supposed to represent a welcome to Christchurch we should have it installed nearer to our International Airport. How many international visitors enter chch from the Northern motorway?

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