Fireworks Kaiapoi

Anyone know what the fireworks is for in Kaiapoi?

snoozeybub, Sep 5, 7:37 pm

nope, just noticed the noise myself ?

gpg58, Sep 5, 7:38 pm

Poor dog is freaking out :(

snoozeybub, Sep 5, 7:40 pm

Earthquake remembrance. Wish I'd seen it advertised, as I would have taken the kids. We could only see the higher ones from our house.

pommie777, Sep 5, 7:55 pm

its part of the five year remembrance event they had going on, it was on one news tonight

robyn35, Sep 5, 7:55 pm

Was a great show. :-) the letterboxes look great at their new home.
There was notices in the local papers & school newsletters & Facebook

indigojo, Sep 5, 8:06 pm

Hmm, we didn't get the local papers this week & our kids don't go to school locally. I have got 'You Me We Us' on my FB but I must have missed it. Yes, I love the letter boxes there too.

pommie777, Sep 5, 8:10 pm

We didnt get any local papers either and dont have school age kids. Like you too pommie777 must have missed it on facebook, mind you get so much stuff pop up on facebook, not hard to miss something.

beauranger, Jun 6, 2:06 am

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