Mouse or rat problems

mags_may, Jun 16, 4:41am
Have heard scratching in the walls. There seems to be alot.
Whats the most humane way to get rid of them. Thanks

thebuzzyone, Jun 16, 4:58am
I prefer the old fashioned spring loaded traps. Seems to have great success and reasonably instant. A lot of the bats these days are designed to avoid "bait shyness" where the rodent consumes a bit of the bait (a non-lethal dose) but becomes wary of the bait because it made them feel crap. Many baits these days take some time to work (i.e. so that by the time the rodent realises the bait is something they shouldn't eat. it's too late and death is going to occur) and I consider this inhumane.

A useful strategy with traps is to bait the trap, but NOT set it, for a few days so that the rodent associates the trap with safe eating.

Don't underestimate potential numbers. Set more traps than you think are rodents and keep them set for a short while after you think you've got the rodent in your trap.

dogbond, May 22, 3:13pm
Place some mouse traps in your loft, use peanut butter. Keep refreshing the traps. You can get bigger oens for rats too. If you have pets, try not to use poison bait, as it does not always kill instantly , and if the rodent drags itself to a place where your animals can get to it, they may eat the rodent.

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