Moving back to Christchurch. schools?

kermitnz1, Aug 17, 11:50am
Hi Guys, I am thinking of moving back to Christchurch at the end of the year and was wondering if you can please tell me if Freeville Primary School is still open, and also and comments on the school would be great. I have an 8 year old that needs extra support in the classroom and will be looking for a school for her around Bower ave. Thank you heaps.

kathy9, Aug 17, 12:08pm
hi there.Freeville school is now one of the schools that are now Rawhiti School. This is the merging of Nth New Brighton, Freeville and Central New Brighton. There is a new campus been built on the old Nth New Brighton site that I believe opens next year.
Hope this helps you :)

hakatere1, Aug 17, 4:24pm
Being. Last time the daughter and I went past last year, the school was really run down inside and out.

kermitnz1, Aug 17, 7:56pm
Thank you guys, it's really hard to actually find which primary schools are even still open close to Bower Ave, I have been reading up on Central New Brighton last night only to find a web site this morning that says that is closed too. I'm not sure what to do really as I am not familiar with ChCh schools at all any more, everything has changed so much since I was last there. I just want the best for Miss 8 as far as supports for her within the school as has a lot of difficulty at school, but she is a very gentle sensitive wee girl who loves to please. I want her to feel safe and happy at school.

fordy1110, Aug 17, 11:29pm
central new brighton,north new brighton and freeville. are 1 school name Rawhiti but are running at 2 school sites till the end of the year. then next year move onto The old north new brighton school site.

My daughter goes to the freeville school site and gets help also. she is year 7.
I will get you a link for the school. :)

fordy1110, Aug 17, 11:33pm
The school is not run down and is a fantastic school as well.
welcome back :)

kermitnz1, Aug 17, 11:56pm
lol, thanks guys. I am feeling sick at the thought of moving back, I have been gone for 25 years since the night my 6 day old daughter was held hostage at gunpoint and my husband very badly beaten. Miss 8 and I will be living with family for a few months or so until we find our feet and find a wee place of our own. It makes sense to go back now as all my family is up there now and it is just her and I here with no support and we miss them a lot. But I am scared and feel very anxious. I still have a lot to sort here first so will have time to get used to the idea. I am also nervous about living with others for a while too as I am a very private person and with the little miss and I it is a very quiet home, so I'm not sure how I will cope. Seems odd because there were 5 of us living here until a year ago, but it is funny how quickly you get used to it only being 2 of you in the house lol.

kermitnz1, Aug 18, 12:06am
Thanks fordy, that looks like the best option doesn't it. It will be the beginning of the Christmas holidays before we head up so she will start school at the beginning of the first term in 2016. Hopefully when we find our own wee rental we can stay in the area, it would be good to keep her at the same school and also stay close to our family.

fordy1110, Aug 18, 12:57am
oh wow kermitnz1

what a horrible thing to go though. I couldn't ever imagine what you have been through and your poor husband and baby :(.

I wish you all the best and in 2018 we will have 2 new high schools in the old qe2 land. Shirley boys high and Avonside girls high.

my daughter is 12 but loves to hang with the smaller children.
their uniform is meant to change so not sure what it will be for next year. but the year 7's now will get to wear the uniform they have now next year which is good.

So much change for everyone. I went to north new brighton school, so my daughter went to that school as well.

And the other schools which is close to bower ave would be park view primary and queenspark school. depending on how the child would be getting to school. parklands or Rawhiti would be closer. then you have south new brighton school.

She will be fine and will make lots of friends :)

kermitnz1, Aug 18, 4:08am
Thank you fordy. I know I will have to revisit it which scares me, but I do have support so that will help. Does Rawhiti go right through to include intermediate level? I have done a bit of reading on the school and checked out the ERO reports for all 3 schools that are incorporated. It looks like they also have a buddy system for children who need it too which would be good for Miss8 as she will feel pretty overwhelmed with not only the shift, but with going to such a big school when she is used to being at a very small one, she will feel a bit lost for a start I'd say, and she is an anxious child who rarely speaks up for herself so that doesn't help. But I will support her as much as I can to make the transition.

mytime2shop, Aug 18, 11:43am
If you are looking for a really great school then "New Brighton Catholic" is an awesome school and you don't have to be catholic to attend. Contact the Principal (Deb Daines) It goes through to Year 8

fordy1110, Aug 10, 4:41pm
hi yes Rawhiti goes up to year 8. ( year 9 is then high school)

My girl is always looking after the little kids she gets on better with them than her own age group. She was told the other day if she could read to some of the little kids.

I think the buddy system is really good esp if they are shy. If only that happened in high school for 3rd formers

But which ever school your girl goes to I wish her all the best.


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