Air NZ 737 Final Farewell from chch today

craftylady1, Sep 12, 10:16pm
. and MrC and I will be on the 1300 flight around the city

ctnz, Sep 12, 10:47pm

brannon1, Sep 12, 11:21pm
how much does it cost ?

coralsnake, Sep 13, 2:52am
My son was on it.

coralsnake, Sep 13, 2:52am
By invite only.

pettal, Sep 13, 3:07am
wonder how many where parked up around the back of the airport to watch ? .

craftylady1, Sep 13, 3:13am
Was amazing. Short, but very low, out across the city and slightly south.
Many thanks to Air NZ for a memorable time

coralsnake, Sep 13, 4:05am
Son said their flight went longer than anticipated.
Got some fantastic photos. Sounds like theirs may have gone further.

Not interested in SOPHIA these days? She's done several rather diverse flights out of Palmdale since going back.

craftylady1, Sep 13, 4:35am
Not unless she returns to our skies. Im really only interested in aircraft flying in and out of NZ. and chch

family007, Sep 13, 5:06am
Sad to see the back of the 737s, awesome plane. My man got a guided tour of Sofia (He was awestruck!) I remember I was on one of the last DC3 flights out of Christchurch I think it might have been ZK -AMY, before they stopped her flights. That was by invite only as well (man works at the airport). Got some awesome pics of Christchurch before the earthquakes.

mousiemousie, Sep 13, 11:22pm
Just had it fly over head now.

letitia, Sep 14, 3:44am
On Boxing Day 1968 I left Christchurch for Auckland to board a ship going to UK. I was amazed to find that my first flight ever was to be on a 737 which had been in use less than 3 months. It was very exciting for me at the time.

melonhead1, Sep 14, 3:58am
The 737-200s were the business! The sound of JT8Ds is etched into my ear drums.
The 300s weren't as neat but they were still good. Its 25 years ago this month since Air NZ's last Fokker F.27 Friendship flight too.
The F.27 is my favourite.

coralsnake, Apr 26, 2:28pm
Nothing much ever happens in Christchurch!

Used to work by then N.A.S. Mirimar when it was home to "Top Gun". Very cool what flew in and out of there, in particular when a carrier was homeporting - they'd launch all their aircraft ahead of arrival.

Then with the oh working on N.A.S. North Island - across the Bay from where I worked at the airport, he worked on just about whatever they had i.e. ships, aircraft, diving bells etc. He had the opportunity once to sit inside one of the Apollo capsules after it had been retrieved. Few times he was onboard a carrier when it left and still had work to complete. He had several launches over time.

Twice we were within literally a stones throw of Air Force One arriving/departing [and got to meet President & Mrs Clinton].

Through Navy officer friends got tours over aircraft carriers etc when in homeport [and not open days].

My kids had an unreal experience one year when a retired Navy Officer [formerly from Deep Freeze] gave us Official Guest / Navy Blue Angels tags for the Mirimar Air Show. We had free reign to go where-ever. If the kids wanted to look at something, they didn't have to queue and got their own escort. Love seeing the Blue Angels especially if the weather is right and they do the high show.

Daughter spent a year in Tacoma - her apartment was on the flight path of McChord AFB where the current Deep Freeze C17's are based.

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