Insuring our home?

I am in the process of getting quotes for insurance on our house, one of questions that is asks is;
"Is the property in a location identified by the council as being at increased risk of a natural hazard (other than earthquake),
such as flooding or inundation, erosion or subsidence?"

Where can find the answer for this question? I have looked on the CCC web site but can't find anything.

vanderbel, Jul 21, 6:22 pm

david_270, Jul 21, 6:39 pm

In addition to the above, the Christchurch District Plan tells you if your property is with the Flood Management Area. There is also additional mapping provided by CERA.

jonners2013, Jul 21, 7:00 pm

Noted on the property LIM now also I believe. Can be ordered from the council.

william1980, Jul 22, 12:12 am

or you can go to the council office and pay a small amount to view your property info file which gives you all the LIM info without the LIM fee

woolfemme, Dec 2, 4:15 am

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