Long term parking in central city?

jonners2013, Sep 25, 12:14am
Has anyone got parking space for 2 or 3 cars in the block bounded by Durham St, Salisbury St, Colombo St and Peterborough? Or as close as possible to that area? It's near the casino, that part of town.

We're after definitely 2 but probably 3 spaces on an ongoing basis. For the right price, i'm happy for it to be on a gravel section. Needs to be accessible all day everyday, with easy access as we come and go a lot throughout the day.

If anyone has any or knows of any available, yell out. I've done a letterbox drop and door knock, but thought I'd try here too.

kids4ever, Sep 25, 9:21am
heaps in that area, but you have to pay for parking, you won't get it for nothing

jonners2013, Sep 25, 7:17pm
On the surface it seems like there is lots but I don't want to just start parking somewhere, I want to have spoken to the owner and arranged it properly and paid for it etc. Hence asking the question.

urbanrefugee54, Mar 17, 3:41pm
good idea & good luck. just glad I don't go into the city.

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