Seriously.This is totally pointless.

xmakara, Jul 21, 1:24pm

ryanm2, Jul 21, 7:19pm
dont those cycle lanes change at peak times when Curletts Roads heading towards the motorway becomes 2 lanes with no parking. Still confusing (like my post)

pezarointeriors, Jul 21, 7:27pm
Ha ha! They have a similar one at Halswell Junction. They have redone the footpath and it has a lovely cycle lane included which ends after a few metres. It then ends. Nothing, just gravel on the road edge.

lambrat, Jul 21, 8:54pm
lol, looks like yet another invitation to ride on the footpath!

luckyluke02, Jul 21, 8:57pm
Not that i can see the link, but am assuming it refers to the 4m long cycle lane on Curletts road It just goes to prove the so called experts sitting in an office have no concept of safety on the road.

jane310567, Jul 21, 9:29pm
i noticed someone braved parking on curletts rd yesterday! I know you can outside of peak times but people were swerving and it was blocking up traffic - you would have to have a good insurance policy!

lugee, Jul 21, 10:26pm
Where's that? The entire length of Halswell Junction Road between Springs Road and the residential area at the other end is being completely redone.

lugee, Jul 21, 10:27pm
I've noticed that too. Haven't seen a car park there outside of the clearway hours. At least it's pretty much 4 lane 24/7 now though., Jul 22, 5:18am
It's about as useless as the Southern Motorway, which bottlenecks on Brougham street. Takes way longer to get to that side of town because of it.

astrophe, Nov 28, 3:38pm
I assume they might have been talking about the one at the start of Sparks Road. It's a bit longer than this one, but it's still about 20m long only and then . just stops.

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