White tip spiders

I found a white tip spider in the house, I checked online and identified it. The tip about there being no spiders or webs around was right, there haven't been any. So my question is does that mean there must be more of them, should I look for them or are white tips not as bad as their reputations anyway and can be ignored? Thanks.

tomber, Sep 28, 10:48 pm

Why would you go looking for them? Scary.

jonners2013, Sep 28, 10:58 pm

Screaming teenager was the clue. I'd happily choose not to see a lot of things.

tomber, Sep 29, 12:17 am

They're ok. Theres plenty here. I just catch them and throw them outside.

glasshalfull, Sep 29, 12:24 am

martiantripod, Sep 29, 1:22 am

crunchy when you stand on them.

drcjp, Sep 29, 7:38 am

They are far from harmless. I've seen the damage they can do to human flesh and it ain't nice. Funny how doctors know what it will be and what to do when people turn up with a spider bite. They wouldn't if these spiders were not poisonous. The venom itself may not be dangerous but the bacteria on the fangs is.

wasgonna, Sep 29, 8:04 am

Yes I know quite a few people who had to have antibiotics because of a bite from one of them, they don't belong here and are killing our native spiders, so any I see are squashed, I know people who's pets have been bitten and its ended up very expensive at the vets as well.
You can get a product from mitre10 which you spray around doors and windows which stops them coming in, it works well!

nz_nicola, Sep 29, 9:09 am

Encourage Daddy long leg spiders in the house. They can kill the white tip with their venom but cannot harm humans.

coralie, Sep 29, 9:43 am

What with the "white tip" crap. They are white tail spiders.

brightlights60, Sep 29, 6:41 pm

White tails eat Daddy Long Legs -

russell.s.c, Sep 29, 7:42 pm

White-tailed spider
Photo of a white-tailed spider, which is brown, with reddish legs and a long body. It has a white spot at its 'tail'.

The usual white-tailed spider bite can be painful but the initial burning feeling, swelling, redness and itchiness at the bite site usually goes and there are no long-lasting effects.

White-tailed spider bites are not considered poisonous to humans. A recent Australian study has shown no evidence linking necrotic ulcers (destroyed skin) to white-tailed spider bites.


russell.s.c, Sep 29, 7:44 pm

Yes, its White Tail Spider.
Changing the name can cause confusion.

Oh and all spiders are venomous, otherwise they couldn't eat.

melonhead1, Sep 29, 8:35 pm

And yet the myth persists. Helped by ACC - spider bite is an 'accident' and therefore funded. A lesion of unknown origin is unfortunate, and not funded.

mcnic, Sep 29, 9:02 pm

The GP hasn't got a clue what caused the lesion apart from the ACC funding that applies to 'Insect Bite'

mcnic, Sep 29, 9:06 pm

No species of spider is poisonous. Birds eat them without incident.
They are, however, all venomous.

melonhead1, Sep 29, 9:23 pm

If not poisonous what is venomous?

russell.s.c, Sep 29, 10:32 pm

gsimpson, Sep 30, 12:02 am

so you dont find them when you are not looking for them they bite and you can lose your limbs from them depending on how you react to their bites . they are the only spider in nz that can kill you

whitehead., Sep 30, 5:48 pm

they inject veome into you

whitehead., Sep 30, 5:49 pm

Apart from Katipo's and their Australian cousins, the Red Back. And if you think we don't have Red Backs think again, every Port and ATF site that takes Australian containers will have them in the warmer months, dying out as colder weather and winter sets in.

panicky, Sep 30, 8:01 pm

Ha ha ha ha! Good one. LOL!

mcnic, Sep 30, 8:29 pm

Of course any spider that can cause you to set light to your fuel tank can be potentially involved in killing you! - https://www.rt.com/usa/316631-gas-station-fire-spider/

chrisr5, Sep 30, 8:45 pm

Venom is injected, typically an offensive weapon as a means to hunt prey.

Poison is consumed (or sometimes absorbed), typically a defensive weapon as a deterrent to being consumed.

A White Tail's venom is not harmful to humans. The bacteria that goes along for the ride might be another story, in some cases.

bitsy_boffin, Sep 30, 9:21 pm

I find it intriguing that the White Tail bite injury phenomenon is quite a recent event considering they have been in NZ for well over a hundred years. I recall seeing them around as a child in the 70's, probably more so then that now, and have only ever known them as harmless.

nzmax, Sep 30, 10:19 pm

It might depend how many pholcid spiders the white tails have eaten.

eionflux, Sep 30, 10:29 pm

Well one thing i can say for sure is its an ugly looking spider, hubby didn't believe me so magnified it, gross.

tomber, Sep 30, 11:14 pm

Thing is with white tails, the young ones look totally different and the shades of brown and the shape differ from babies to adults. They can get very big, and very ugly. I don't think the adult old ones even look like spiders. Revolting. They are very aggressive. We once put 1 in a jar with two huge house spiders and the white tail killed them both within minutes. And yes, they crunch when you stand on them. Ughhhh.

brightlights60, Oct 1, 4:50 pm

coddswallop that only adds to the myth !

1. Our skin naturally contains bacteria
2. A spider bite; any spider bite, is the same as any puncture wound, it allows bacteria access to the body
3. Common places people come in contact with these spiders can be areas of higher bacteria concentrates eg: shoes (shoes are a favourite for e coli bacteria, the same stuff as in your toilet after a number 2 !)
4. Any bite, any puncture wound regardless of source needs to be treated the same way; start with a good scrub with soap and warm water, pat dry with CLEAN towel or similar. If any redness or soreness persists beyond 24 hours or worsens in that period, seek medical help.

bantamus, Oct 1, 5:17 pm

Venom is by definition poison.

russell.s.c, Oct 1, 6:51 pm

Wasn't he a dick. what an idiot aye?

jett.industries, Oct 1, 7:17 pm

I get them here in Chch too. The hot weather brings them out. I think they like wood, so spray any decking as well as door and window frames. I just kill the buggers. I also get the fake red back ones around the farm. Kill them too. Yuk!

jett.industries, Oct 1, 7:19 pm

If you go online looking for sites to identify NZ spiders you find white tip and white tail are used interchangeably.

tomber, Oct 7, 9:51 am

Not so much of an idiot, at least he didn't panic and he got the fire extinghuisher and put out the fire.

tygertung, Oct 8, 6:27 am

A white tail bit my son three times on his back, we found the spider in his clothing and it blistered with wee satellite blisters around the main bite . didn't get infected though thankfully - told the doctor and he told me it was shingles . I know what shingles looks like and it wasn't that.

I think finding the spider in the clothes was the confirmation I needed.

manukarose1, Feb 12, 3:31 am

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