southsea, Aug 31, 7:54am
there was talk in June of class action vs IAG.What is the latest on this please? Also is anyone else trying to refuse a cash settlement? I have been warned that if I don't accept I would need to make a case for being 'vulnerable' and that these clients may not have repairs done til 2017.I'm blowed if I can find anything in my policy about having to make a case to get my home back to pre-quake shape.

golfaholic2, Aug 31, 8:33am
I wanted to cash out , and because I refused their pathetic offer they threatened to put me into the rebuild program . this was a week after they announced the program was closed and everyone left would have to cash out .
All quite amusing really

david_270, Jun 26, 4:33pm
Best way to keep up with the IAG class action would be to join Pips FB page. Cash settlements - have you watched the In the Know videos?

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