Woman scammer chch

kellypchch, Jul 21, 12:38am
A woman in her early 30s came into my place of business on wilsons road, saying that she had just moved to chch and had been in hospital, they had given her a script for some drugs but she had no money to pay for it and could I kindly give her $20
Funny that, given thats the same story she gave me 2 months ago when she came in last time
I rang a couple of local businesses and she had already been into them trying the same thing
shes a scammer!
early 30s, 5'5"ish
long dark hair
europeon with a tooth missing in the front

doggybear, Jul 21, 2:42am
slimgym. I think it's a different one. there are a few in Christchurch at the moment. The one who says she needs money to go to Kaiapoi or Rangiora is similar to the top description, but has horrendous teeth and is non-European. There was a 3rd one at Northlands on Friday who couldn't keep still and had false teeth which she kept moving around her mouth (ew). I watched her approach a few people then went inside and informed the security people in the mall.

spyware, Jul 27, 4:32am
If she's homeless then WINZ wouldn't give her a penny.

kids4ever, Jul 27, 5:13am
she's not homeless, i think she lives with her sister from time to time? same one that has a wee girl. She is a druggy, give her nothing

lee289, Jul 27, 7:07am
Ran Into the lady on pap road this arvo with horrendous teeth got quite aggressive when I told her and everyone around her that I was well aware of her scam and she should move on

kids4ever, Jul 27, 9:16am
thats the one thats been around for ages, she changes the area she goes to when everyone gets to know her, she is a menace

marte, Jul 27, 9:35am
We don't have scammers in Invercargill.
If someone asks for a ciggy or a few coins, they probably do actually need it.
If I find tobacco or smokes I carry them untill I find one of these people and they get it.
Except the kids, they are just filling in time. They will tell you that too.

doggybear, Jul 27, 10:27am
kids4ever. Yes I think that's the one I'm talking about in my post. She usually has her small son with her but he got taken off her. she lives in Kaiapoi.

gypsy271, Jul 27, 11:59am
Lol I told her the same thing. said she's all over trade me and she's not getting anything from me. then she vanished

cassina1, Jul 28, 12:59am
I got approached by a woman beggar with a bike once who wanted bus fare to Rangiora and I just told her to ride. With another that wanted food money for her baby that was not with her I told her to go to WINZ or the Salvation Army.

marte, Oct 27, 3:06pm
WINZ will make them go to the Salvation army first anyway.

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