Step cracking bricks

pandai, Sep 26, 3:04am
Can you give up and stop posting all this crap please.

spyware, Sep 27, 3:01am
This is my repair. Look at the attention to detail. They smeared white grout over cracks in silver mortar. Looks beautiful NOT.

It I'd known the little morons were no more trade qualified than a monkey at Auckland Zoo they would not have been allowed to create this mess. And they won't fix it.

mcnic, Sep 27, 3:12am
That would be a Fletchers job?

spyware, Mar 21, 1:16pm
An EQR contractor named Stu McKenzie, Kaiapoi, was responsible. $29K worth of crap. I'm sure he enjoyed putting money in bank but what did I get out of it.

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