Insurance and conservatory damage

coops39, Mar 25, 8:30am
has anyone had issues where insurance have verbally said during the scope (with builders and engineers) that the conservatory is damaged and will come down and replaced only to find that on the written scope it says remove and reinstate?. aparantly once the pad and patio are relaid the conservatory can be put back on it and it will be straight and doors will open perfectly etc

jacinta.r, Mar 25, 10:37am
Not heard anything official. however, neighbours have just had theirs removed, new pad put in and it's now back up in place. Appears to be working just fine (so far).

jonners2013, Mar 25, 6:10pm
It depends on the wording in your policy. If it doesn't say 'new for old' or something similar, then what you're entitled to is a return to pre-quake condition.

rexonion, Dec 25, 4:14pm
That happened to us, they decided to reinstate the 40 year old conservatory on the new pad. We said forget it, told them to pull it down and they had to reimburse us the difference. Could not be bothered arguing with them for years on end!

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