Wind - north canterbury

just wondering if there was much damage /power outages , seems to be every year now .

bergkamp, Oct 7, 9:54 pm

no did,nt hear of any but big winds again Wednesday

harrislucinda, Oct 7, 10:08 pm

They must be getting hammered over on the coast with these perpetual westerlies!

tygertung, Oct 8, 6:23 am

They always happen every year, bergkamp . often not as strong as this, though. It's a bit early this year, I reckon as usually it's around Show week, although one really bad blow was on Aug1, years ago. Eyrewell forest blew down & a house in Cust blew over the road! Ranch slider caved in & away it went.
Tiresome though & I'd love some rain!

samanya, Oct 8, 4:16 pm


foal30, Oct 8, 5:12 pm

Sounds like it.
According to my parents . that was the second time Eyrewell forest blew down. Apparently it created a lot of income for the local economy . with the clean up. 'an ill wind' huh?

samanya, Oct 8, 5:41 pm

I've heard it said that the dairy industry has deforested the canterbury plains and that is the reason so much wind damage occurs now as the old shelter belts used to protect the houses out there, and even christchurch city suffered less wind before they were cut down.

jefrys17, Oct 8, 5:57 pm

It's a possibility, but we still got the winds . the trees fell over.

samanya, Oct 8, 5:59 pm

u sure , wasnt earlier, like 72

farminglad, Oct 8, 10:50 pm

Mrs B here, it was either 74 or 75, August the 1st. I was at high school.

brightlights60, Oct 8, 11:44 pm

It was '75.

kacy5, Oct 8, 11:53 pm

I can't recall us getting these huge "gusts" that we have had the last 2 years. Yes we always get winds in Spring, usually just when the most blossoms are on the trees, but these gale force winds with the extra oomph in the gusts are pretty new!

brightlights60, Oct 9, 10:12 am

We live in Hanmer Springs and our back fence got blown over last night. Very big gusts, thought the roof was going to come off the house.

blacktooth1, Oct 9, 10:14 am

I can recall big gusts . maybe not every year, though.
Can't you remember going to the A & P show as a kid & getting blown around? ;o)
My property is reasonably sheltered & the last winds haven't done much damage at all ( I was very concerned about my glasshouse) so I hope every one got off as lightly this time.
It's when it starts that roaring noise in the hills is the time to get scared!

samanya, Oct 9, 11:45 am

Shite! That's frightening.

samanya, Oct 9, 11:46 am

Lol I remember going to the original A&P grounds and getting sunburned every single year. Its only since it moved out to the current location its rather windy. No, I don't remember the gusts, mind you I think we are all a lot more sensitive to noise since the quakes:)

brightlights60, Oct 9, 4:56 pm

Yep the sunburn was always a part of it, huh?
One of the 'blows' during the last year had that roaring through the hills noise & my old cheapie green house cover ended high up in a tree.Such fun!
You're right about the noises . although I no longer say VERY rude words when I hear a loud rumbling truck or train, well not too often.

samanya, Feb 5, 2:21 am

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