Getting a Rebuild

blb71, Oct 17, 6:24pm
Moving out in two weeks. This time in about 8 months hopefully we will be back in our brand new house :) (been told 6-7) but are expecting it to be longer. What are peoples experiences with times of house builds on average?

jamesnmatt, Oct 17, 7:14pm
this year?

two lots of friends moved out - one beginning of Feb, the other just prior to Christmas 2014. Friends who moved out Feb, came home a few weeks ago. Other friends still out.

I'd say your 8 months is probably optimistic.

mcnic, Oct 18, 2:51am
Golden homes - 12 months - they still can't be bothered to fix their mistakes.

maddsno, Oct 18, 3:32am
Housing company's all they care about is numbers etc, how many they doing each year. I'd choose a smaller building company , one that actually cares about each house and treats it like there own not just another number to add to the list.

kiwicarol, Oct 18, 4:01am
13 months since a small 3 bed house just along from me came down and rebuild started. No where near finished. Another came down in Feb. Owner might just make it in before christmas. Small 2 bedrom house with single garage.

blb71, Oct 18, 4:28am
What sort of mistakes may I ask?

smf6661, Oct 18, 6:05am
We have been out for 3 months & nothing has been done at our place yet except for them taking some soil out,so we are just waiting to see how long it takes them to build our place.We were told 32 weeks all up & half that is up already.

si50, Jan 1, 3:36pm
we've been told two different lengths of time to build our house ( 2 storey) 32 weeks and 46 weeks. Demo time on top of that. I'm betting it will be more like 14 months. But it means working out a contract for a rental property is tricky.

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