HELP! In need of a wheelchair!

pohutukawa_, Jul 25, 4:24am
Please no silly, immature comments.

My partner has recently broken his leg and has been on crutches. Its starting to take a toll on his hip and his good leg. He will be on crutches for a fair while yet until his leg heals. the hospital assessed him and sent him away with just the crutches. The lowest price we have come across for hiring a wheel chair WITH a leg rest is $35 a week for 1 month +
Please if anyone can help, that would be much, much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

morticia, Jul 25, 4:29am
Why isn't ACC providing what he needs if it was an accident?

lankylass, Jul 25, 4:31am
I agree. Contact the hospital again and ask them if they can recommend somewhere that a free wheelchair is available from, if indeed not from the hospital. Or phone around; perhaps the Red Cross could assist.

melp6, Jul 25, 4:32am
Disability Resource Centre?

Is there still such a place?

stickman4u, Jul 25, 4:58am
this then sell when you have finished with it Listing #: 922191446

lindamae, Jul 25, 5:25am
Hubby hurt his leg , on crutches originally then wheelchair. ACC provided this,

pohutukawa_, Jul 25, 5:30am
Thank you everyone :) will look into these

ali291, Nov 17, 2:29pm
I would have thought that he would have an ACC case manager - my son did when he broke his ankle at age 17 - he was still at school and spoke to the Case Manager about transport to school and also his part time job - ring ACC and tell them what you need.

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