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bligh, Feb 2, 6:22pm
for water. Looks like a idea already from Len in Auckland.

astrophe, Feb 2, 6:31pm
We're lucky we don't already pay for water. It's only a matter of time.

I see neighbours with sprinklers on their lawns at 3pm on a hot day . I'm all for charging for water.

rockme4, Feb 2, 7:09pm
In a perfect world the Council would take the portion of our rates that covers the Water Costs at the moment, off our rate bills, but I bet that they would just introduce it as an extra user-pays charge without proportionally lowering rates. Once user pays water charges have been introduced (together with all the administration costs), the cost will increase and increase well beyond the rate of inflation for ever. Also another administration nightmare for landlords, as user-pays water costs will have to be passed on to the tenants.

leisurecraft, Feb 2, 7:39pm
Another cost for Christchurch tenants, if we allow this new charge to be introduced.

harrislucinda, Feb 2, 8:05pm
thought we pay for water in our rates Not separate

fruitbat, Feb 2, 8:15pm
It's a joke. These greedy clowns just can't make ends meet. Profligates and you pay the price. That goes for all the City Councils round NZ. Useless bunch of greedy losers.

mm12345, Feb 2, 9:28pm

thebuzzyone, Feb 2, 11:10pm
Don't worry. Senior Council staff in the water area, including the "Group Manager" (who is directly under the CEO) have no idea about this and are looking into why this has been reported in such a way.

It appears that an individual Councillor was asked by the Press about ways Council could raise funds. Whether the Press has taken the opportunity to create a juicy story out of nothing, or whether a Councillor is just pushing their own barrow, is yet to be seen.

Take it all with a pinch of salt at the moment.

shannie1998, Feb 3, 3:14am
Did anyone hear the interview with mayor Lianne Dalziel on Newstalk ZB this morning?

If you did you will know this was not a Christchurch City Council initiative.
It has come from the newly released "Local Government New Zealand Report" that has looked at how Councils from all over New Zealand can raise funds.

Water charges was just one of many suggestions which included local income tax, local fuel taxes and motorway user charges .

spyware, Feb 3, 3:47am
I run 24/7. 100,000 litres on front lawn alone.

P.S. Its lovely and green.

shannie1998, Feb 3, 4:25am
Watch for the "water police" - spyware
In the subdivision where I am they have been targeting well watered lawns with Roundup.

I'm aware there's been at least 3 lawns hit so far and 2 in the subdivision where my sister is.

miffycat1, Feb 3, 5:07am
Name of this subdivision would be good. There are some sick people out there.

jane310567, Feb 3, 5:26am
It was expected eventually - Average is $1400 a year in Brisbane for water rates but other rates cheaper so works out about $3000 for both. I think the people worse off will be the larger families and the larger gardens. Tenants will have to pay for volume they use over a specified amount.

toystoystoys1, Feb 3, 5:32am
Will they lower our rates NO just another mean of producing more money for higher bills

evanc16, Feb 3, 5:59am
Why not just get a water tank and use rain water?

astrophe, Feb 3, 5:59am
And if, when we are eventually charged for our water usage, you would still like to do that, more power to you!

jcmp21, Feb 3, 6:22am
Len and Leanne, two peas in a pod.

cassina1, Feb 3, 6:53am
Many people may decide to pave or tarseal over their gardens/lawns.

-weasel-, Feb 3, 6:57am
Christchurch will sit back and take it while grizzling quietly. meanwhile In Ireland. http://www.theguard-

How they charge for something they dont own, I dont know. Charge us for maintenance sure - but the water?!

jefrys17, Feb 3, 9:04am
A medium sized Dairy farm in canterbury uses on average 900 litres / sec, 24/7, all summer if they can. Have you seen the SIZE of some of the irrigation lakes out there ? They don't pay for it and yet the council want to charge us for a few bathtub fulls each day? How rich.

likit, Feb 3, 2:48pm
If the Dairy farmer doesn't pay for it who does, you think it's free lol

astrophe, Feb 3, 6:10pm
They charge for providing it.

They own those pipes, that network, the ability for you to magically simply turn a tap in your own home and boom! Safe, clean, drinking water.

astrophe, Feb 3, 6:11pm
What makes you think dairy farms would be exempt?

-weasel-, Feb 3, 11:04pm
There would be very few Dairy farms In Christchurch? Other parts of Canterbury do charge for water

spead, Feb 3, 11:42pm
Fair enough.

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