Does anyone know a Harald Baer or Werner Baer?

i found some German ID cards in this name outside Fiddlesticks cnr Worcester Blvd and Montreal Street in Christchurch today. Just trying to track the guy down. He will be about 54yrs. Bit of a long shot really but you never know

lucystarbuck, Sep 13, 11:31 pm

Take them into the Police station as 'found'.

marte, Sep 14, 2:07 am

helmont, Sep 14, 7:25 am

said he found cards so how does one know what he looks like

harrislucinda, Sep 14, 11:21 am

They were ID cards so maybe they have a picture on them?

tygertung, Sep 14, 6:19 pm

Yes they have pictures but I don't think he matches anyone I've seen on Facebook. Dare I say it, he might not have an account.

lucystarbuck, Sep 15, 6:29 am

I know a Fozzy Bear?. Oh. hang on.

dannyboy24, May 9, 4:35 am

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