New Brighton looking good today!

kenny92, Mar 22, 10:24am
Today we went for a drive and ended up in New Brighton. Haven't been there for ages but today there was a wonderful atmosphere there. There were the kites on the beach, the whale pool area looked lovely, the pier, library and to top it off the market stalls down the main street. Is the market usually there on a Saturday? The stalls were great, good variety. I was thinking I would rather go to a market at Brighton if it was extended rather than drive to the Riccarton Market which has grown too big and the quality of stalls not so good (too much imported junk now) plus the traffic there is terrible. Hope to see the New Brighton market keep growing!

iwikiwi, Mar 22, 3:58pm
I have heard that the New Brighton Market Days are humming and very popular! Enjoy!
If you do a web search for, eventfinder, it tells you where all the Market Days are on, all over New Zealand. (well, the ones that are registered with them.) Click on Festivals & Lifestyles, then click on, Markets & Fairs.
Lots of Markets close over the winter.

kids4ever, Mar 23, 2:43am
yes I have heard the market is there every Saturday, and is great, must go myself, does anyone know what the market times are?

lesleyf, Dec 27, 4:50pm
Market is 10-2 every Saturday. Some really awesome stalls - spray free / organic veg, spices, clothing, food stalls, etc. bouncy castle and face painting for kids.

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