Driveway preparation

likit, Jun 20, 4:18am
Our 15 year old asphalt driveway is finally getting replaced. We decided not to take the payout as a friend of ours who does driveways couldn't get close to the price the insurance co. were going to pay, even with a half metre narrower drive & no turning bay. Anyway got a call from Armitage to say they will be doing the job & guy came around & told me they would be using the existing boxing.As I said the drive is 15 years old so the boxing is the same age, is this the norm for jobs like this?: Our friend said definitely new boxing & that's what I expect, seems to be penny pinching if you ask me.

junie2, Jun 20, 4:47am
Our was 15-20 yrs old and was replaced this time last year - new boxing all round. It took AGES because of the winter weather. We put up with mud and mess and parking on the roadway for far too long. Then . it wasn't a good job ( started crumbling after a few weeks ) and now needs doing again. The company wants to do it now - but there's no way we want a situation like that again. We have asked to re-schedule till spring/summer. ( PS it's taken a while to get agreement, as the co tried to blame us for turning on the drive.) Hello? It is a turning bay after all!

likit, Jun 20, 4:51am
what company did it?

monkles, Jun 20, 5:06am
No advice re boxing but make sure any services (drainage) that may run underneath are checked prior to sealing.

robyn35, Jun 20, 5:07am
i had a pretty crappy company do mine but even they used new boxing, was done about this time last year but due to cracking and some other issues (not related to driveway) it will be gettting completely redone in the next month or so

junie2, Jun 20, 5:22am
We used a well-recommended outfit we had used before with no bother, but they subbed out to another co.

zoopa, Jun 20, 6:18am
We have been advised to wait two weeks before doing any more than a straight drive on/drive off. No turning or back and forth repositioning. Were you given a similar time frame?

junie2, Jun 20, 7:13am
Nope - no instructions whatsoever. I'm pretty sure we didn't with the original driveway either - which was excellent, but wrecked by the EQs.

junie2, Jun 20, 7:17am
I'm quite curious as to how the "cracking" in the driveway isn't related to the driveway? How did the cracking actually happen? I'm asking because ours has some hairline cracks too.

fineo, Apr 29, 2:35pm
If the base is compacted right ,there is no way you should be required to stay of a hotmix /asphalt drive for 2 weeks.
Once the heat is out of it its set.
Have you noticed they lay hot mix on the road ,roll and compact it,then let the trafic have it.
Our drive way we were told to stay off for 24 hours.

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