Lyttleton , which high school

bergkamp, Feb 9, 8:02am
what school is lyttleton zoned for ? or did you go private
what is lyttleton primary like ?

lyttelton2, Feb 9, 9:10am
Linwood College is the only High School you are zoned for if you live in Lyttelton proper these days. If you live from Corsair Bay, (I think) round, you can also go to Cashmere. You can of course apply for out of zone ballots, or go private. The primary school has recently undergone a merger (was 2 sep schools) and has lost pupils as a result (us included). They are operating on 2 sites until the new school is completed, which I doubt will be occurring this year. There is a lot of walking between the 2 sites to do things together, and we found a lot of things were becoming 'too hard; to logistically work out, so got left out all together. I understand they are trying some new things this year to fix these probs. The staff are wonderful, the community awesome and the new school will be modern and fab. If Miss 11 had been 5 or 6, we would have stayed, but it wasn't working for us at her level. Hope this doesn't come across has too negative, we had 6 wonderful years at Lyttelton West.

jamesnmatt, Feb 9, 9:16am
you're not really "zoned" for Linwood - they have no zone so will take anyone, as will Aranui.

briantamaki-god, Feb 10, 7:43am
and it shows

lindaquinn, Feb 12, 9:41am
There's catholic of course.

golfaholic2, Feb 12, 7:09pm
Hagley of course . bus to town and walk .

tommydog, Feb 13, 12:29am
Mike Hosking for one. LOL

tommydog, Feb 13, 12:30am
Now there is a brilliant High School teachers are amazing .

gmscando1, Jan 21, 3:42pm
Was wondering the same thing. Has an unusual user name?

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