Rude EQC Assessor

If anyone has had issues with assessor Nikki Kettle, it might pay to make an official complaint:

shakirafan, Jul 24, 10:18 am

From the very start there were retired policeman, estate agents etc. doing the inspections at a huge hourly rate who knew less about building construction than my cat !
I still say there should never have been an "EQC" person for Joe/Janet Homeowner to have to deal with, it should have just been through the "insurance company" from the start, and they could get their own compensation back from EQC if >$100k etc.
We never paid the EQC portion directly to them, so why 2 diff. lots of people to deal with and watch squabbling amongst themselves ?

gman35, Jul 24, 11:00 am

P.S. I know it was a massive event with many staff extra obviously needed than what AMI / State / Tower / XYZ Insurance had avail. at the very time, but surely Govt. (EQC) help would have been given to each Co. as required without seemingly so much doubling up (and cost to the taxpayer) of rubbish "inspections" for each property owner.
There was nothing less than either plain incompetence, or simple fraud from so many "staff" giving unneeded extra grief from what we all experienced.

gman35, Jul 24, 11:06 am

Wow. Good pay.

"Nikki Kettle, who is believed to have completed her building apprenticeship when she was employed by EQC on $180,000 a year as an assessor in 2011"

ang_ck, Jul 24, 11:24 am

Can't have been enough for her though, she set up a building company while working for EQC too.

shakirafan, Jul 24, 11:26 am

Plenty of free time then, despite the huge salary for a job that required little previous experience.

tomber, Jul 24, 11:29 am

What else really annoys me is that she went home and put herself and her family on the asbestos register after standing near a piece of lino and EQC's proposed method of repair for fixing our damaged asbestos lino was 'to tape it up" and "to get the boy to use a nail gun" to re-attach all the broken asbestos cladding.

articferrit, Jul 24, 12:31 pm

$180,000 ?

foamyone, Jul 24, 12:35 pm

Unbelievable really isn't it, her total arrogance and self righteousness.

What an awful way to behave.

shakirafan, Jul 24, 1:20 pm

holy c. p, can see why thats so annoying. this kettle thing certainly deserves a public slapdown, from what i hear these comments about her are the tip of a sizeable iceberg. the arrogance of it.

lambrat, Jul 24, 1:51 pm

There would be a heap of well qualified people out there that would love this job. Not only should Nikki go. but whoever employed too!

kiwiscorp, Jul 25, 7:43 am

She's completed her building apprenticeship and a qualified Assesor.

That's a pretty standard EQC Salary for that level in Christchurch.

If you think that's a lot you should see what others are making out of the rebuild

jon9, Jul 25, 8:18 am

It's definately a lot. Especially for someone with sweet stuff all qualifications and zero experience

kerry22, Jul 26, 5:35 pm

Nepotism. Mummy and daughter squealing wee, wee, wee all the way to the National Bank. . .

mbos, Nov 13, 4:24 am

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