Those that have moved out

smf6661, Aug 5, 2:04am
for a rebuild, how long was it that they paid the accomendation money into your account as our rent payment is due next week & they havent given us any money yet.Ive only just got the ph & net on (due to a long delay)& my case manager isnt answering me.We moved into Rangers Park & its lovely except for the stairs they are making my back sieze up which is very painful (toilet is upstairs) but why did they give us a 3 bedrm plus study for only 2 of us.We only wanted a 1 bedrm place or 2 this place is to big for just us,plus we moved our selves in & we are nearly broke.

robyn35, Aug 5, 2:52am
which insurance company, some pay the rent direct

smf6661, Aug 5, 3:28am
We are with AMI but they are paying us the whole amount as we have already the DD done.

zoopa, Aug 5, 5:09am
May have been all that was available at the time. I am not sure how many 1 -2 bed places were built for eq accommodations

david_270, Aug 5, 5:44am
Insurance (SR) paid until our cover ran out, then we were on the CETAS allowance which we had to top up for another 8 months.

smf6661, Aug 5, 9:09am
Thanks david_270 yes my case manager rang & she said it should be in the bank in the next couple of days.We are really worried the build will go way over as we will only get enough money for 6 months & they told us the rebuild will take at least 36 to 38 weeks.

corkranb, Aug 5, 9:25am
Cripes 36 to 38 weeks is a long time for a house build. Milestone homes are knocking theirs out in 5 Months. That is from start of the floor down till hand over, mind you a lot of their homes are only around the 100m2 to 150m2 in size.

granny98, Aug 5, 2:08pm
Red Cross are still doing rent/storage payment help, plus there is still a government grant avail.

tygertung, Sep 5, 4:35pm
Our insurance just paid the rental outfit direct.

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