Off topic, but employment lawyers?

speedwayfan1, Jul 2, 11:34pm
Does anyone know of any lawyers that offer a free first visit? I've found some but it sounds like it's only over the phone and I have a fairly in-depth problem with an employer that I would rather talk in person with a lawyer to so they fully understand the crap I'm having to deal with.

jonners2013, Jul 3, 12:39am
in dept, complicated and you want free?

have you tried community law or is it beyond their level of service?

speedwayfan1, Jul 3, 12:55am
No I had an injury in April, got a letter saying there would be a decision on the claim within 3 weeks and haven't heard a peep since despite me calling and requesting an answer. The communication from them in pretty much non existant and I've been lied to multiple times. Been hoping to avoid taking it further but it appears that's how it will be, I haven't tried anywhere yet and have no real idea who to do go (first time dealing with this type of thing)

sumstyle, Jul 3, 4:44am
I used at the beginning of the year, and found them very good.

I initially emailed through my brief situation summary, then had a telephone conversation. My first one-on-one with them was excellent, and the next time I had to see them was to sign up my settlement agreement!

tennisfanz, Jul 3, 5:46am
I can recommend Linda Peno herehttp://www.johnstonpenno.c- She is very reasonable, efficient but detinately not free. You get what you pay for these days. Have all the details written down to save rambling.

sumstyle, Jul 3, 7:46am
Mine wasn't free either, but I was really happy to pay them - didn't belong to a union so it was good having someone else advocate for me and create a buffer between me and the employer.

speedwayfan1, Jul 3, 9:59pm
That's the biggest problem, because of the position they've put me in financially I can't afford to pay out of my own pocket for a lawyer.

gillian25, Jul 3, 10:07pm
Stephen Beck. SB Law. Hes very good.
You dont have to explain yourself on here. People were just asked for advice. First consultation is free and he will tell you if you have a winable case. Good Luck.

bigrichie, Jul 5, 11:01am
You may be eligible for legal aid. There are one or two employment lawyers that do legal aid work in chch. Community Law Canterbury can give you the referrals - just give them a call

bigrichie, Jul 5, 11:02am
when you say you got an injury and you are waiting for a decision on a claim - is that from your employer or is it ACC you are having issue with? that is an entirely different matter and would be an entirely different legal situation.

speedwayfan1, Jul 5, 10:38pm
This place does their own in-house injury claims, they 'take care of their own' so to speak.

angelah1, Jul 5, 11:45pm
they still have to meet the same legalities as ACC - lodge a formal review via the review process

bigrichie, Feb 16, 3:21pm
Community Law Canterbury can refer you to a lawyer who can help. give them a call tomorrow.

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