Is there a map of the Flockton Basin flood zone

100peaks, May 21, 8:59am
available anywhere online, please? Google wasn't overly helpful. Thanks!

jamesnmatt, May 21, 10:17am
broadly it's the area between Emmett St and Cranford St on the east and west of, and between Bealey Ave and Innes Rd to the north and south. The areas that are most prone to flooding seem to be from the centre with the risk decreasing as you move outwards. I did have a map here, but as a hard copy not a file but if I find it I will scan it in for you.

coverdrive, May 21, 10:46am
That is a very large area! Not all of it prone to flooding.

100peaks, May 21, 10:51am
Thanks JnM. House hunting & trying to avoid it.

jonners2013, May 21, 8:58pm
There are some maps on the CERA site that show flooding.

The current District Plan is of no use because the "Flockton" area is not within the Flood Management Area. The Proposed Replacement District Plan has a MUCH more wide reaching flooding map. You can find it on the council website.

This brochure from the Council gives a bit more info;

EQC are/will be paying out for IFV (Increased Flooding Vulnerability) in some parts of that area, so keep this in mind - you'll certainly want to make sure EQC claims are passed on to you if you buy in that area.

If you're in an at-risk area, chances are that your insurance company will impose a significant excess on any flood claims. Something else to consider.

jamesnmatt, May 21, 9:42pm
As the name suggests it is a basin. So yes not all as prone, like I said from the centre the flooding decreases toward the edges.

100peaks the map I had came from council so might be online there?

thebuzzyone, May 22, 5:38am
No it's not.

thebuzzyone, May 22, 5:40am
Man there is some false information about this area.

The Flockton Basin (or, Flockton Street Ponding Basin) as a name has been around since the 1970's and describes the land bounded by:

Warrington Street to the South.
Westminster Street to the North.
Flockton Street to the West.
Aylesford Street to the East.

thebuzzyone, May 22, 5:45am

Use this to see this area of ChCh and the extent of flooding in this area, which is larger than what has been known as the Flockton Basin (for years. )

100peaks, May 22, 6:06am
Thanks guys!

ryanm2, May 22, 6:42pm
That may be the defined basin, but flood waters dont stay within the red lines drawn on a map.

jamesnmatt, May 22, 10:12pm
exactly - the basin has "grown" with the quakes to include land that has sunk around it as well.

jonners2013, May 23, 1:10am
Make no mistake, it was a flood prone area before the quakes. Always has been.

wayne416, May 23, 3:55am
Last map i saw it has grown to include, after quakes, Shirley Road end of Stapletons Road around the creek and up Slater Street almost to North Avon Road and the intersection of Hills and Warrington Street.

lambrat, May 23, 6:20am
i've got friends on hills road near st albans/shirley workingmens club, who get plenty of water flowing onto their property from under their back fence in a downpour now, so . the properties between hills road and westminster park must get pretty darn wet too.

jonners2013, Sep 8, 3:06pm
yeah lots of parts of Christchurch flood, that's what happens when you build in a floodplain. but that doesn't mean you're in the so called 'flockton basin'.

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