Free house in Pegasus

makes you wonder about Pegasus long term. The developers were lucky that the EQ caused a surge in growth, but now. are people starting to realise its just that too far out?

ryanm2, Aug 18, 6:24 pm

market growth in Pegasus has been 5/8ths of stuff all for a couple of years. it's nothing new, they are really struggling. half the development is listed for sale.

hopefully people don't get too burnt.

jonners2013, Aug 18, 6:46 pm

You can swing by any weekend for the next 6 months. The odds of there being a massive queue on the day you go, assuming at least not this weekend, are pretty slim.

Considering I'll more than likely be in Pegasus during that timeframe anyway, I'll swing by the address and pick up a ticket.

Woudn't move there if I won it, but sell for a low price and it'll still pay off my existing mortgage.

astrophe, Aug 18, 7:53 pm

I will go for a look, I will enter any competition that could win me and my family a home!

marsmoontrademe, Aug 18, 10:49 pm

Cracks me up, people complaining about having the chance to win a free house. I quite like Pegasus but traffic issues between Chch and Waimak would be off putting.

william1980, Aug 18, 11:51 pm

I like the big billboards there telling you how happy you are to be living there.

tygertung, Aug 19, 6:13 am

$550,000? Tiritiri Moana Dr what sort of name is that? 550sqm!
in south island
prob be worth about 200k max
if i won it id put it on trade me starting at 5k

kevymtnz, Aug 19, 6:21 am

I think it might be built on a Maori Midden (rubbish dump). And that would lower the value as kiwis like their freehold land, they own, to have no complications in the future. Could be wrong and can remember reading about them finding artefacts or whatever many moons ago when they were first developing it.
It isn't too far out. Amberley is further and the subdivisions there, are more popular. The subdivisions in Rangiora are more popular than the Pegasus subdivision as well, and Rangiora is further out of Christchurch.
Just a thought; does it have a school? People with children like to be near schools etc.

iwikiwi, Aug 19, 7:02 am

No, there's no school in Pegasus itself. Not enough population yet.

It's very . um . wasp-like.

A friend and I joked that if we won the house we would sell it to a brown family with lots of children!

astrophe, Aug 19, 5:50 pm

I'm winning it, then $1 reserving it.

sw20, Aug 19, 5:54 pm

There is a primary school in pegasus. It looks quite good.

dolphinlu, Aug 19, 6:19 pm

Oh sorry, my mistake. I really thought there wasn't.

astrophe, Aug 19, 6:38 pm

Do they even have mail delivery (a postal service, also known as the postman) there yet? Last I heard the locals had to collect their mail from the general store.

intheoneone, Aug 19, 6:43 pm

10 minutes away in Rangiora.

jonners2013, Aug 19, 7:15 pm

wouldn't it be too much trouble for you to go out there to win it, hope someone deserving gets it and not someone as such a moana like you

kids4ever, Aug 19, 7:26 pm

Oh! for goodness sake, free house and nothing but moaners, you haven't go far to go into Rangiora Mega Mitre

kids4ever, Aug 19, 7:28 pm

Suits me. Since I plan to enter, every one more person who whines what a rip it is, is one more ticket I'm not competing against! :)

astrophe, Aug 19, 7:31 pm

well read your own quote and you will realised what a moaner you are, all this stuff you will need, and you are tired to think of all the work, ask yourself lady or whoever you are

kids4ever, Aug 19, 7:50 pm

haha, its brand new, neat as a pin already, haven't you seen the photo, lol, yes i am a keen gardener and won garden awards in the past, i may be you neighbour, who knows ? best of luck lol

kids4ever, Aug 19, 8:00 pm

Built on a battlefield . much bloodshed there.

soma2, Aug 19, 8:08 pm

Agree with you Kids4ever, can't understand the moans about the free house offer. Gee, if I won it, I'd jump for joy and have a smile on my dial so big. I'd love to live in a community layout like that. Better than my cramped up neighbourhood with cars parked all out on the street everywhere because of outdated town planning.

xxsaffyxx, Aug 20, 4:18 am

yep sounds good

starskey, Aug 20, 5:25 am

I wonder if there will be a clause somewhere that says you cannot sell it within a certain timeframe of winning? I couldnt think of anything worse than living in the type of 'town', but will enter, and sell it to pay my existing mortgage off :)

dogbond, Aug 20, 9:34 am

will be interesting, was thinking the same thing, i would live there though, get some satisfaction out of it first, then if i decided later, me & hubby (a golfer) then move on

kids4ever, Aug 20, 10:15 am

yes maybe for the last year ish

crazyone05, Aug 20, 2:50 pm

Is the competition still on ? What are opening hours pls

tennisfanz, Sep 6, 8:54 am

That's all in the link in the opening post.

astrophe, Sep 6, 9:04 am

I've heard that they can pull the plug on the competition any time and not actually give the house away at all? But an easy competition to enter with a nice drive for a look around.

supersapper, Sep 6, 1:25 pm

Probably. You haven't actually paid for your entry, like a lottery or school fundraiser raffle.

astrophe, Jun 4, 4:36 am

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