Lost Husky

mam22, Feb 3, 7:10pm
Our Husky slipped out of our gate last night around 7pm and I have not been able to find. her.
Someone has found her and placed her on the 'Lost Dogs In Christchurch' page on Facebook but as I'm still waiting to have my invite to join the group accepted, I cant comment on the post.
Does anyone know of anyone who's found her or know of any other way I can get incontact with the poster on Facebook?
We are desperate to get her back.


sevenge, Feb 3, 8:07pm
try the husky rescue

sevenge, Feb 3, 8:12pm
I think this is the contact no 0211459557 cheers

fordy1110, Feb 3, 8:18pm
Hi silly question what area are you in please, Im in north beach and a few weeks ago we had a husky on the loose but as I couldn't move fast enough the dog vanished, i had seen it on the way out was on bower ave. but then we got home on pinewood ave. I was sitting here at the computer i look out the window and this husky was there. by the time i managed to get to the front door open it it had gone. My daughter and a 5 yr old boy was outside. and the neighbour and his 2 dogs.

we seem to also have this black lab come from somewhere as well. next time I see it i'll and get it. but health issues I cant walk fast.

i hope you can get your girl back. :)

mam22, Feb 3, 8:30pm
We are In Northwood.

mam22, Feb 3, 8:32pm
Number of the person who found her? Have texted them thanks so much!

fordy1110, Feb 3, 10:10pm
Hi thats great news. :)

mam22, Jan 29, 6:16pm
Turns out the woman who found her dropped her off at the pound so off to go get my girl!

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