Disposal of bricks

mod34c, Apr 28, 9:06pm
hi all, we have removed the bricks of our earthquake damaged house and we need some where to dump them,

For free iff posable,

Summer hill stone is what we have.

junie2, Apr 28, 9:32pm
A friend listed all hers for a dollar and got $31. Better than dumping fees.

handyanj, Apr 28, 10:11pm
Or freecycle.

nz_nicola, Apr 29, 12:24am
One of the landscape places around Dyers rd brought mums bricks for .50 cents each might be worth ringing around

essendon_bomber, Apr 30, 5:15am
place 4-6 per fortnight in your red bin, Just put them in the bottom, you will be surprised how quickly the pile disappears.

golfaholic2, Apr 30, 5:53am
Walk the neighbourhood each red bin night dropping a few in each . in a month it'll be all gone lol

kiwi_crusader, Dec 5, 12:53am
Free dumping of concrete and bricks at the Port, drive up to the gate and they will give you a day pass and point you in the right direction.

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