Painters needed this month?

roger49, Jun 2, 9:08am
Interior painting job.Four bedroom home. Who would you recommend for a job to start this month?

corkranb, Jun 2, 10:14am
Inline painting Contractors do an excellent job. Ring Paul on 027-254-2499

jessie981, Jun 2, 8:25pm
TradeMe Services have listings with recommendations, check them

piker55, Jun 3, 9:59pm
Go 2 Painters are excellent. Give Phil Gregg a call on 022 0702775

vivienney, Jun 4, 5:49am
Are you needing all rooms painted? When are you wanting someone to start? Is it an older or newish house? Ceiling height? What is the condition of walls? Thanks.

roger49, Jul 9, 2:20pm
We are all fixed up. Thanks to everyone you made recommendations. GREAT!

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