jessebird, Mar 2, 9:38am
felt that Bryndwr, heard roar then a quick wobble.

100peaks, Mar 2, 9:38am
Me too! Very loud.

fostey1, Mar 2, 9:39am
In bishopdale here was quite a jolt

fatima1, Mar 2, 9:39am
A loud creak and very slight movement in Hoon Hay

merlin102, Mar 2, 9:39am
lol thought i was going mad

nzmax, Mar 2, 9:39am
Hillmorton. lots of noise, not much moving.

overtt, Mar 2, 9:40am
all noise no action in Woolston

dreamingofbali, Mar 2, 9:40am
Wondering where that one was? Very different to the 'norm'. Was it to the north this time?

lm446, Mar 2, 9:42am
Weird jolt on the Hill

xmakara, Mar 2, 9:42am
. Heard a thud and a wee wobble.

nzmax, Mar 2, 9:43am
geonet says 3.0 10km south west, out prebbleton way

rasin11, Mar 2, 9:43am
Felt a real jolt in Woolston. Must be other end to overtt!

merlin102, Mar 2, 9:44am
I felt it in woolston

antonios1, Mar 2, 9:46am
Sharp jolt in Wigram.

dreamingofbali, Mar 2, 9:52am
Interesting. All the other recent quakes have been jolts where I am, but this one was a smooth rolling, no jolt. South Chch.

overtt, Mar 2, 9:53am
Richardson tce

rasin11, Mar 2, 9:54am
She's been a busy girl today around NZ according to Canty Quake!

bosch2006, Mar 2, 9:56am
We roll in loburn. first one felt out here for cpl years

badaz_red, Mar 2, 10:04am
West melton. Didn't feel a thing, but there again I never do

dreamingofbali, Mar 2, 10:04am
There are '350 users online' at right now.

eddienz, Jan 10, 1:57pm
Mates just moved here Friday. . He's saying I never told him how offen we get them. I said we don't and he brought them with him

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