Northern Arterial extension

rover79, Jul 3, 2:31am
Not happening now!
I suppose there's a good reason, anyone know what it is?

traykuku, Jul 3, 2:57am
Not enough money

lugee, Jul 3, 3:13am
It's not "not happening now" it's "not happening right now."

NZTA is having a meeting with CCC to discuss how to salvage the project as part of the Northern Arterial.

rover79, Jul 3, 3:36am
AXED might be a better word, thats the word the paper used.
Then again this might be a way of the council getting someone else to pay for it.

lugee, Jul 3, 3:40am
Latest paper article says "Cr Phil Clearwater, one of those in the faction that voted against it, said the vote only put the project on pause while issues were worked through."

kacy5, Jul 3, 4:06am
It has 'been happening' in a yes/no way ever since my parents lived in the area and they have been gone 20 years. They were there a few decades too.

fineo, Jul 3, 5:43am
Project is only on hold.
Urgent meeting is being asked for to get the council to reconsider

martin11, Jul 3, 10:18pm
This is the 2nd time a northern motorway through Chch has been planed and then scrapped ,probably cost more now in planning and discussions than if the project had been done in the first place . A few months time people will be moaning about the traffic problems getting north out of chch again , Stupid decision by the CCC .Some one should take them to court like some of their staff suggested may happen .

ryanm2, Jul 4, 6:03am
I wonder what the people want? Town hall repaired or a motorway that isn't gridlocked during peak times?

tygertung, Jul 4, 8:29am
Trying to reduce traffic jams by building more roads is like trying to cure obesity by buying bigger pants! Look at LA, thousands of miles of motorways (6-8 lanes!) and still MAJOR traffic issues. More roads= more cars.

What we really need is a high speed tram/light rail system as can be seen in most European cities.
Say for example you live in Rangiora. No problem, just walk/cycle/drive to the train station in Rangiora (there could be several), hop on the tram, go into town and get off in the CDB if you work there, or transfer to another tram going to another part of town. Then just walk/cycle to your workplace.
Sure, there would be a moderate initial cost to install the system but I can't see that a couple of steel tracks and sleepers with some electrical cables could be much more expensive than building endless motorways- it seems to take forever to build just a short section of road. Would be more useful than spending $1b on a covered stadium which would lose several million dollars a year too.
Realisticly the bus system is not going to be used by many people but a good tram/light rail system would be very useful, fast and convenient.

buyit59, Jul 4, 8:42am
To get more rail we need a much bigger population as the $$ required to get rolling stock will mean they will need to be used more than just at peak commuting time . We only have one train track coming into CHC from North and South and the northern one was buggered after the earthquakes with big bends by Kaiapoi. At least buses can change their route when required . Rangiora is not big enough to have multiple stations . Buses could be used from Oxford , Cust and places like that ( Midland Coaches used to operate years ago from various North Canterbury towns ). Figure out some way of getting buses into town as quick as cars and you might persuade people to use them. ie express lanes and priority at intersections. A bus can remove 30 cars off the roads very easily .

family007, Jul 4, 10:44am
So what's all that levelling going on when you enter the motorway heading north? Look left about 150-200m from Coutts island turnoff.

kacy5, Jul 4, 1:35pm
I used the train from Rangiora to ChCh in the 70s until it was discontinued. It was a great way to get to work.

indigojo, Jul 4, 10:30pm
Isn't that for the Belfast bypass, from johns rd?

lugee, Feb 20, 2:36pm
Western Belfast Bypass, miles away from the Northern Arterial Extension.

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