hotjellies, Jun 26, 6:09am
Any recommendations for a good quality interior painter

corkranb, Jun 26, 6:18am
Paul Stokes of Inline Painting does a great job and all his men are trade qualified. Try him on 027-254-2499

tygertung, Jun 26, 10:31am
Quentin Hunt did our house for the EQC repairs. Really good painter and decorator and very friendly.

lankylass, Jun 27, 4:59am
Brendan of Prestige Painting & Decorating Ltd
Mob: 021 629 055

Phone him for a quote

His team did an excellent job on the EQC damage on my house as well as that of my daughter's & son-in-law's property. Their work was so outstanding I got them to do some more exterior work for me, for which I paid.

piker55, Feb 27, 3:15pm
Go 2 Painters - Phone Phil on 022 070 2775

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