Did anyone else feel that EQ a few minutes ago?

bosch2006, Jan 2, 6:18am
Its hard for some not to rush and post it

toots5, Dec 31, 8:06pm
yes i did thought it was just me.

jambee1, Dec 31, 8:09pm
thanks toots.

golfaholic2, Dec 31, 8:11pm
Was a 5.1 quite deep just above French Pass .

tool_shop173, Dec 31, 8:25pm
Feel nothing these days and I was sitting still. At 110km deep its not worth mentioning.

fekim, Dec 31, 9:17pm
Felt a nice little shake in New Brighton about 2 minutes ago

penguin5, Feb 7, 12:49pm
Was a little 3.0 off Waimairi Beach at 10.15 and a 2.6 just before that. Thought I felt the second but it also feels like that every time a bus or truck goes past my shop so don't usually notice now.

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