Old CHCH (1980s)

cronezone, Feb 22, 6:32am
Came across this;if you're not keen on their music turn sound down. There's even brief footage of the old hospital.

lmbyas, Feb 22, 7:28am
Interesting footage, and not one person looking down on their gadget!

corkranb, Feb 22, 9:00am
Probably one of the best ever NZ bands back in the early 80's. Still listen to all the Cleans music.

doggybear, Feb 22, 11:13am
Have to agree. Its reached epidemic proportions.

robotix1970, Feb 22, 11:13am
Wow what a flashback !

fineo, Feb 22, 3:53pm
The rubbish dump they played at ,with the Port Hills in the back ground, would be what was latter to become Pacific Park ?

robotix1970, Feb 24, 9:52pm
Do you mean the old bexley dump fineo. .

thebuzzyone, Jan 14, 12:45pm
The dump you refer to, Bexley Dump, was never built on. It's basically park land now known as "Bexley Reserve".

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