Where 2 go high tea

littkuch, Sep 16, 7:15pm
please could someone tell me where I could book in for a high tea on week end thank u

supersapper, Sep 16, 7:30pm
The Tea House (I think its called) in Lincoln is very nice.

catfan, Sep 16, 7:45pm
Yes they do a very nice high tea. Only negative things (I've been two or three times) were a persistent fly (yes everytime!) and not supplying extra hot water and cake forks with high tea. I haven't been at all this year and these issues could well have been sorted by now. They have a beautiful selection of bone china teacups etc and the food is great. There's another place over the north/north west? side of town but can't remember name or street. Someone else might know where I mean.

demala, Sep 16, 7:48pm
I've been to Stellar in Riccarton which was great . we had a coupon from Grabone or Treatme which made it affordable!
I see there is a coupon on this morning for high tea, link isbelow :

littkuch, Sep 16, 9:11pm
the coupon says starts 20 but guy on phone says starts 27 so as I want it this sunday well have to look at others where is the one in Riccarton please

coro2, Sep 16, 11:39pm
There is a nice place out in Oxford. can't recall the name sorry. Google Oxford cafes.

jon9, Sep 16, 11:41pm
Grand Café at the Casino does High Tea

littkuch, May 1, 4:12pm
thank u all I have booked in at the tea house

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