The Old Vicarage, Halswell

lorischch, Aug 29, 8:54pm
Anyone been there recently? Google reviews range from 2 stars to 5 stars. We are thinking lunch, or maybe dinner, for a special occasion

evergreene, Aug 29, 9:05pm
Yes. For dinner and breakfast recently.
Very happy with food, service and ambiance. This place manages to do several things well. It is a local bar, a quality restaurant, all day coffee/teas, garden setting, quiet areas, busy areas and plenty of parking
Great steak menu too.
If it is a special occasion for a group you might like to book one of their private rooms - they looked lovely.

dannyboy24, Aug 29, 11:23pm
They do a pretty great eggs Benny

catfan, Aug 29, 11:42pm
Thoroughly recommend it. I go out for coffee and lunch with a couple of friends on a reasonably recurring basis. This is one of our regular places to meet. Things we like about it: food never disappoints, staff are always friendly and they never hurry us to leave because they're closing - we like to sit and natter for a long time and because they're a pub the closing isn't an issue. Have never been in the evening and I guess it could be different then. It is usually quite busy even during the day and so a bit noisy but there are smaller rooms and you could probably book one of those if you like. Enjoy your meal out

letitia, Aug 30, 2:22am
I have been there over the last two or three years on many occasions ranging from just a coffee, lunch, dinner and two special group dinners. I have not been disappointed yet.

2bit, Aug 30, 2:53am
Yep, lovely place whenever you go.

antonios1, Aug 30, 2:59am
Had lunch there recently - lovely day so sat outside. Food great, service great and no pressure to vacate the table once we had finished eating, so ended up nattering and ordering another coffee which is always a plus!

mss2006, Aug 30, 3:10am
Going tonight for the first time. Will report back.

kids4ever, Aug 30, 4:44am
i would never go there as we know a chef that worked there and the stories we heard, so totally been put off

sport_billy, Aug 30, 10:09am
Been there regularly - great food, service sometimes a little slow/shambolic but bearable for the food. On par or better then the Villas if you've been there - we always return

foamyone, Aug 30, 7:51pm
It's OK.

Not terrible but definitely not amazing.

craftylady1, Aug 30, 11:14pm
Our favourite is now iZone at Rolleston. Lovely food, nice place and excellent service

gerogia1, Aug 31, 3:52am
It is a local for us - I hate to say it but it can be a bit hit and miss. Although in fairness that last three times the food has been lovely.

annie_kiwi, Sep 1, 3:45am
only been there once - was pretty bad, stale dry cakes and the staff started vacuuming around our table while we were there - I fully expected them to ask us to lift our feet so they could vacuum under them :-)

therazor, Jun 17, 2:09pm
I'd agree with that. They use a lot of commercial products, as opposed to making from scratch, such as frappé's and smoothies with various powders added. Nothing unusual about that but it would be my choice of restaurant. Basically, it's adequate. The setting is nice enough.

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