EQC . worse than debt collection agency

Anyone else being hounded by them over the excess thing?
We have paid half of it. but got a letter saying we hadnt paid any, so emailed evidence of payment. now getting phone calls, emails etc wanting the rest of the payment. told them it will be paid. but they just keep contacting us about it. anyone else getting phone calls from them?

pip4, Sep 17, 6:04 pm

Tell EQC it's with the Accounts Dept. When they ask to speak to someone in Accounts, tell EQC it is a Non-Contact Dept and that they will have to wait until someone contacts them.

mcnic, Sep 19, 10:11 pm

Tell them you haven't got any letters, don't know anything about it.
Next time, its been passed to the payments department for processing.
Next time, sorry, have lost the file.
etc. They should be familiar with that game.

david_270, Sep 19, 10:46 pm

Play their games:
Your invoice has been received and will be processed as soon as possible.
I am sorry we did not receive your invoice
Parts of your invoice have not been lodged, please resend
Your invoice was never lodged with us please resend
Your invoice has been transferred to the accounts department
Your invoice will be paid in full by the end of November, no We never said November. We said late June 2016, No We never said that We said it would be paid in full by the end of 2017
Please understand we will pay your invoice as soon as we can but you need to understand the process that needs to happen before payment can made.

ajn255, Apr 19, 2:27 am

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