Denture top teeth lost hornby chch area

blb71, Jan 1, 2:46am
Did you find your teeth?

lovecats1, Jan 14, 3:43am
no he hasnt found his teeth yet could be his

tomytidlemouse, Jan 15, 4:29am
sorry but they dissapeared a few days ago

lovecats1, Dec 27, 10:01pm
lost wenesday night if found or any info please contact

tomytidlemouse, Jan 1, 12:38am
hi there, weird as it seems there is a set of upper teeth sitting on a rock outside an address in Halswell - near corner , 359 Halswell Rd and William Brittain . Under large corner street light - maybe yours ? maybe some one elses ?

lilbubble, Feb 6, 5:50pm
at what pub lolol poor you

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