Any commercial farmers?

I'm after some USED cow inflations if you have any to give away pretty please

any help appreciated :)

lil_tarnz, Aug 24, 10:51 pm

As someone who has absolutely no idea what you are referring to, it sounds like cow farts or blow up cow pleasure toys. For humans or cows, either or.

As you were

zoopa, Aug 25, 9:56 am

A bit of sputtered-coffee here, too, at the mention of USED cow inflations. The city-dweller's mind boggles. Oh, how boggly it gets.

schnauzer11, Aug 25, 12:14 pm

It could be worth contacting a few dairy farmers in your area but they normally change the inflations while doing the annual check up during their dry period so they could all be dumped by now

mouse265, Aug 25, 1:07 pm

lol you dirty minded people!

lil_tarnz, Aug 25, 7:00 pm

Interested in what u have planned for them

farminglad, Aug 25, 8:05 pm

you slide some durable tough twisted rope through the middle and BAM dog toy!

lil_tarnz, Jul 10, 2:06 am

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