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gman35, Jun 27, 12:21am
Announced about an hour ago, amazed I am the first to post on it !
Hmm, not sure I will be in my current house based on (declining) income and increasing expenses for that much longer.

kids4ever, Jun 27, 12:30am
everything is increasing, not worth worrying about,you just have to go with it as nothing you can do about it, not worth stressing

gman35, Jun 27, 12:36am
Oh cheers for that #2, for a second there I was thinking that the discrepancy between increasing costs and my decreasing ability to pay them was going to be a future issue, but now I can stop stressing.

jon9, Jun 27, 1:21am
I hear working for the CCC pays well, perhaps apply for a job. ?

speights40, Jun 27, 1:34am
8% rates rise and they still have to sell assets, people like # 2 is why they know they can do it & there'll be no fuss made.


tarn146, Jun 27, 1:41am
"Not worth stressing". Are you serious? It's hard enough for many people now. they don't t need this too!

kellypchch, Jun 27, 1:54am
this cost is met by christchurch ratepayers
how about all the people who dont own a home?

gman35, Jun 27, 1:57am
Your landlord / holiday park owner will happily pass it on to you.

gman35, Jun 27, 2:02am
There will be no option for many (especially in this current economic slowdown for most industry's), to either downscale their house to free up funds, or do what we have, and somehow find a room for a boarder at least.
I feel quite a few families will actually have to start "combining" their housing pretty soon, like many do overseas.

speights40, Jun 27, 2:08am
The taxpayer expenditure talked about in the last few days by the Government becomes even more outrageous when the little ole kiwi hard worker can never seem to get ahead. It is almost becoming impossible to stay in your own home with all the layers taking more and more of any left over income that you break your back trying to get ahead for. If it is not the Government wanting it, it's the Councils & we wonder why we never seem to go forward.

jonners2013, Jun 27, 2:10am
the earthquakes and the following recovery obviously have made the situation worse, but even so rates/taxes/costs ALWAYS go up and your income will almost always decline if you're not working because your investments will diminish.

having to downsize in order to afford your lifestyle in retirement is nothing new.

spare a thought for young generations who will most likely not be able to rely on any pension or handouts by the time they're elderly. they will need massive superannuation available to fund their lives.

gman35, Jun 27, 2:18am
Yeah, I wasn't even referring to downsizing to keep a lifestyle for retirement , I am meaning the ability for us 2 parent's in our 40's just keeping an "owned/mortgaged" roof over the family just for now !

cassina1, Jun 27, 2:23am
It is worth stressing about if you are likely to loose your house down the track because rates have become unaffordable. When asset sales were proposed it was to keep rate rises down which is not going to happen which is a bit of a con.

cassina1, Jun 27, 2:25am
The non home owners will be paying but just in rent rises.

speights40, Jun 27, 2:26am
# 2 is the type of home owner they like. 2 things come to mind, a) sheep & b) mushrooms.

bratpack06, Jun 27, 2:40am
Leave chch, if possible, we are.

gman35, Jun 27, 2:55am
That shouldn't have to happen though, it's because of #2 (and general Kiwi's) just accepting stuff, if they can afford it, that things keep increasing.
I am a small business owner who is astounded how hard things have become just recently, while Councillor's and those who run our lives in general really do seem unaffected, they just keep upping the use of OUR earned $$$.
So looks like now is the time (and it's all over NZ especially re: Auckland Council also) to actually say "NO, you guys will run our cities with the same % increase that the average worker has had this year, to run their family budget" !

jonners2013, Jun 27, 3:16am
no doubt there is room for improved efficiency in councils and that would save a lot of money. but, costs increase. it's what happens. throw into that the significant additional inflation cause by the earthquakes and you get somewhat of a 'perfect storm' type of scenario. it sucks and it's difficult, but it's certainly not 100% the council's fault.

geoone, Jun 27, 4:29am
Where would you go?

jon9, Jun 27, 4:47am
You can tell people care by the fact that 5 people have posted in this thread.

Obviously those busy working and earning well haven't seen it yet.

jane310567, Jun 27, 6:15am
I actually expected it. Another expense. Every day above ground is a good one. its only money - what choice do you have?

pooks3, Jun 27, 6:21am
well our rates are 4k a year, between the rates and the insurance, its an extra $200 a week for just those 2 things its ridiculous

bligh, Jun 27, 6:42am
She was right, she did get some ideas from Aucks Len.

drcjp, Jun 27, 6:57am
Surprised its so low with troughers like Buck and Chen in there.

foal30, Jun 27, 7:54am
Thanks for the legacy Gary, Bob and Tony.

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