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klc1, May 17, 6:02am
Neat video clip

queensharon1, May 17, 9:10am
Yes I do. LOL

Radio AVon 1260 :) Sung in my best radio avon commercial

jessie981, May 17, 9:12am
Yep, was my Radio Station at the time!

letitia, May 17, 1:49pm
I loved Radio Avon! I remember 'Muzza in the Mornings' (Murray Inglis) when I first came to live in Christchurch in the early 1970s.

starskey, May 17, 6:14pm
Actually it was Radio Avon 1290 Christchurch City Morrie or laurie Shonihan or som
ething like that

family007, May 17, 7:45pm
Radio Avon started on 1290kHz then shifted to 1260. There was also a rival station at the time called Radio Nova "Top Banana" !

family007, May 17, 7:57pm
I just watched the video of radio avons lucky five dollar note!

klc1, May 17, 8:33pm
they ran some pretty cool events back in the late 70s. A walk on water competition held at the Groynes; a pedal car race on a stretch of the Summit road (I think) . Sigh.

jamie2016, May 18, 10:18am
Wasn't that where Rick ditch burn worked.

kayjoh, May 18, 10:50am
Murray Ingles turned 72 last week and still on Radio up north. Ric Ditchburn is back in Aussie and I think still working but he was ill at one point. Lee Hanner (spelling) was another dj but I don`t know where he went.

cassina1, May 18, 12:20pm
I used to like Allan Dicks talkback and he used to be in competition with George Balani on ZB. Both made me laugh.

klc1, May 18, 11:35pm
Mike Houlahan was another announcer I recall. Phil O'Brien also - he is now with Radio NZ National.

bookwormzonline, May 18, 11:46pm
Now I'm singing "Radio Avon 1290 Christchurch City"

mytime2shop, May 19, 7:51am
Yes I do! I did work experience there while I was at High School and I still have the awesome reference I got from them! That's a memory from the past!

thebuzzyone, May 21, 7:01am
Alan Dick was the best radio talkshow host in those days. Used to love listening. Definitely the radio station I have the most fond memories of.

boop2, May 26, 6:22am
yes I loved it too won tickets for John Rowles concert. Happy memories

pig-gal, May 31, 7:19am
Oh Lee Hanner. Had a big crush on him when I was a teen. I used to go to bed with the transistor on listening to him. At the end of the show he would say 'goodnight Princess' and I believed he was talking to me! I think it turned out that princess was his dog.

treecave, May 31, 9:32pm
interesting thread. brings back old memories. not sure if it was on avon but the childrens hour was my favourite. little toot, flick the fire engine etc. used to be gutted if i slept through it and had to wait another week. lol.

klc1, Jun 1, 12:58am
I think this was on the 3ZB station, rather than Radio Avon. Like you I have fond memories of the children's hour.

piker55, Jun 3, 10:04pm
Lee Hanner was selling real estate for Harcourts at one stage a few years ago not sure if still there

muzza147, Jun 3, 10:45pm
muzza in the morning. met him once great guy. loved his stunt when he locked himself in the studio. best morning radio i have ever heard and probley ever will with all the PC crap these days. must see if i can find him on the radio up north.still my favourite announcer of all time.

pig-gal, Jun 4, 12:43am
He sure had a great radio voice!

kayjoh, Jun 4, 5:30am

klc1, Jun 4, 6:28am
Muzza was also called "the Mouth of the South" while he was with Radio Avon.

muzza147, Jul 8, 3:29pm
hi,yes has there been another voice as good on nz radio?i cant remember one,what a great lineup they had at avon in those days. great days in radio.

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