Drs @ Shirley Medical Centre or close

letter received today saying my Dr finished last Friday & records have been sent to another Practice.
Back of letter cites Transfer of Records from one Practice to another & space from signing approval.
Don't want to go to Nth Avon Medical Centre & prefer a female Dr. Recommendations please.

jessie981, Jul 10, 7:02 pm

which doctor were you with?

jamesnmatt, Jul 10, 9:54 pm

Dr Blackmore, letter dated 6 July but says he finished 3 July.

jessie981, Jul 10, 10:03 pm

i goto marshlands medical they used to be on gayhust road. I know have have 3 ladies down there currently

smoff79, Jul 10, 10:24 pm

thanks, wanted to check it wasnt my one LOL

jamesnmatt, Jul 10, 11:25 pm

Is that the Medical Centre opposite the Palms or if not whereabouts on Marshlands Road?

jessie981, Jul 11, 8:58 am

its down on corner of prestons road opposite the new bp brand new building

smoff79, Jul 11, 2:51 pm

Thanks will check out

jessie981, Jul 11, 3:50 pm

Try Dr Lynette Murdoch at Ferry Road Medical Centre very good doctor

macrubble, Jul 11, 6:18 pm

Dr Lynda Gray is at Shirley Medical, we have moved out of town, so she is losing me as patient after 30 years, take my space lol

char231070, Jul 12, 8:25 pm

i live out past rangiora but still go into town to see my doctor that's how super they are. 30 minute drive for me to go in

smoff79, Jul 12, 8:52 pm

i rang SMC & they said Dr Gray. $72 first visit then $45 once funding comes through. Seemed expensive & dearer than my old Dr. How much did you pay?

jessie981, Jul 13, 9:30 am

Robyn Hay at Papanui Medical Centre

honest-reliable, Jul 13, 8:14 pm

I would be very annoyed if my medical records were sent to another centre without my prior permission. I think this is a breach of privacy. Putting the signature on the back of the letter that says it has happened isn't good enough.

calista, Jul 13, 8:50 pm

Yes $45 is what I paid

char231070, Jul 14, 5:51 pm

Thanks char, signed up with Edgeware Pro-Med, closer. No initial fee & open Saturdays.

jessie981, Jul 14, 9:37 pm

Like wise. I would be fuming. I had a Doc there up until about 3 years ago. he took off and I tried to get all my records (even the pre computer days ones). But no. They are tide up with that Pegusus outfit and I made a request on the them but no way. My records went back to the 70's. Car racing medicals and the like and I want MY records.
I cannot understand why the blazes they want to retain records for someone who is not a patient there any more! Someone being very petty I think!
Certainly could never recommend them.!

ken158, Jul 15, 8:19 pm

ring the medical adisary outfit, they have to give you your records.

fewspot, Jul 16, 5:31 pm

i think they won't give them to you personally, but will send them on to another medical centre to your choice

kids4ever, Dec 23, 2:38 am

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