How much for a cubic metre of concrete?

About 4 m3 (CUBIC metres) needed. What would I expect to pay, delivered central city?

plyguy, Oct 6, 3:53 pm

Just call Firth.

digga7, Oct 7, 8:15 am

From memory its $250 to $300 a cube plus GST

jon9, Oct 7, 11:12 am

Bloody hell. We pay $183 plus gst for 17.5mpa here in Marlborough.

survivalkiwi, Oct 7, 12:17 pm

I was gong to say 180 to 200$ coloured more. call around

smoff79, Oct 7, 3:25 pm

$190 + gst in Masterton, but I read somewhere that it was way cheaper in ChCh

plyguy, Oct 7, 3:39 pm

Ready-Mix Concrete: $93 per cubic

stickman4u, Oct 8, 7:26 pm

Ready mix Chch?
Our local concrete should be only a little bit more as it is only the freight on the cement and other additives that should make it dearer than yours.

survivalkiwi, Oct 8, 7:55 pm

Approx $220 per m3

griev, Oct 10, 9:51 am

What MPA you could pay anywhere form $100-$500/m3

andrewcg53, Jan 30, 2:15 am

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