Police station implosion.

doggybear, Mar 3, 9:54am
Will be on the 18th of April. read on Rebuild Christchurch FB page.

slimgym, Mar 3, 4:22pm
great, thanks for letting me know, had to have a wee think about the title, Jumps a bit slow

mousiemousie, Mar 3, 7:03pm
Damn I'll be on holiday :-(

ebeater, Mar 3, 11:45pm
Well I certainly hope that the CCC have got our (ratepayers) backs covered in the unlikely? event that the CCC need to bail from their building because of consequential damage. In particular I allude to building owners demanding lease buy-out.

jcmp21, Mar 4, 6:06am
No probs, the police probably just paid out hundreds of thousands to Ngai Tahu for their building after bailing. It's only tax payer money and they will still claim poverty of course.

honest-reliable, Mar 6, 12:18am
This is not the confirmed date. just heard that they haven't confirmed the date yet and more information is to be released later

brightlights60, Mar 6, 12:59am
Huge entertainment value, what with their not being a lot to do in Chch at the moment in comparison to other cities lol.

adnil3, Mar 6, 3:44am
They probably getting tickets printed for sale so we can watch.

slimgym, Jan 7, 4:05pm
I think I heard some where the date isnt confirmed

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